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  • 5 signs that indicate you are ready to study abroad

    To study abroad is one of the ambitions of any university or other type of student; it is an experience that many want to have, and there are some signs that announce that you are now ready to study abroad. Do you want to know if you’re one of them?


    Are you ready?

    • You have a strong obsession with the movies, series, and music of the country: if you’re feeling like that, it is because you’re ready to pack and travel.
    • You dream in another language: it could be that you master that language and this is a quality that few have, but when you are well prepared to study abroad, the language finds a way of sneaking into your dreams.
    •  You love the food of that country: food is one of the few things that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country, and it is because the food is coated with the traditions and know-how of your future destination.
    • Everyone knows your plans to study abroad: and it is because you can’t talk of anything else, trivia, historical data, emblematic buildings… You already even know which excursions and visits that you will make 😉
    • Your room gives you away: you decorate the room with posters, banners, details… everything that reminds you of that country so it is more than clear, you have to go to study abroad right now.


    study abroad


    Do you know what the best thing is when you study abroad? Meeting new people, new cultures, points of view, traditions… and we offer you the place where you can create the cradle of all your moments and memories during your stay. If you are an Erasmus student and your city destination is Barcelona, we offer you our hand to provide you with a complete 360 ° experience. Be a thelofttowner.