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advantages of living in a university residence

  • The best Barcelona beaches you have to visit

    Golden bodies in the sun and the best Barcelona beaches in front of you; there is nothing better than enjoying this August lying in the sun, but wait, do you actually know all the Barcelona beaches where you can go? And you do not know it, but there are hidden corners in Barcelona which are waiting for your visit. You only have to read our blog post to find out what will be your next stop. Let’s get to it!




    • Barceloneta: the best known of all, and the beach of la Barceloneta is an undisputed symbol of Barcelona; on this beach, starting with a refreshing swim, you can use the services it offers, such as: sports areas, rental of beach umbrellas, beach library, bike rental, lockers and showers and public toilets.


    • Mar Bella: one of the most significant bays of Barceloneta, a quiet, family , place, and perfect to have a good time with all the thelofttowners. Now we ask you, please be very careful with the sun, your health is at stake and the sun’s damage is not repairable. What will you find on this beach? Refreshment stands and ice creams on sale, sports areas and lockers.


    • Somorrostro: our last beach in this selection, which has a story to tell, was baptized with this name to pay homage to the shanty neighbourhood of Somorrostro , which after one hundred years of life, was knocked down in 1966 for the visit of Franco to Barcelona. The name of the beach and its history are what make this neighborhood an everlasting memory.




    Which beach would you prefer? Sincerely, as we are in love with Barcelona we love each and every one of its beaches, and above all the beach bars that are close by. Would you like to sign up to eat a paella with us? There is no better way to enjoy the August.


  • One of the advantages of living in a university residence that is going to help your studies more

    One of the characteristics of university life is the passion for everything we do, even though that can be said more for some than others, and more so if we are talking about those that require concentration. This has been an issue at times for all of us, and that is why we propose certain food products so that you will have that concentration when you most need it. But, beforehand, a word of advice! When you need to study, try not to eat rich food given that doing so makes us suffer from a sensation of unpleasant sleepiness due to the quantity of accumulated blood in our stomachs. One of the advantages of living in a university residence is that you can ask for advice at all times regarding what is good to digest whilst you study, whilst you do sports, or during any other activity. That said, lets start!


    Walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and seeds contain nutrients that regulate serotonin and they modify our emotions allowing us to concentrate better.

    Fruits and vegetables

    Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries slow down oxidisation in our brains, which enhances its performance by increasing neural signals.


    Green tea helps the memory not get tired.


    advantages of living in a university residence



    Omega 3 from fish helps our neurological functions and makes it possible to have more efficient attention than normally.


    It helps with concentration and creativity.


    advantages of living in a university residence


    One of the advantages of living in a university residence, and more precisely at The Lofttown, is that you will be able to enjoy an ecological buffet at all meal times so that you can always choose what your appetite most fancies, and in a natural way. This way, you will be able to follow your “concentration diet” during the periods of time when you most need it. Have a happy week!