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  • What to do in Barcelona becomes the best plan

    If you constantly ask yourself what to do in Barcelona, it is that you do not know the ultimate fashionable entertainment that there is, not only in the city, but in Catalonia, and it is called Escape Room. We know that in winter a plan to spend the afternoon in a bar with friends is complicated due to the cold so we propose an alternative plan and we explain what it is:



    You will find all the Escape Rooms that we present below in Barcelona; to give you an idea what it is, we will tell you that it is a fun game that takes place with teams from 2 to 6 or 7 players that for one hour will need to use their wit and ability to solve clues and get out of a room in less than 60 minutes. Sounds good, right?



    So as not to spoil it, we will only tell you that you will have one hour to get out of a pirate ship before being thrown to the sharks. Will you be able to do it? This Escape Room is located in the street Lluis Saginer, 16-18.



    It is surprising because it accepts groups of 3 to 30 people; almost all the residents of TheLofttown can go! Some might think that being such a big group of people can have a negative effect but it is not so, since these types of games are based on competition within the same group, so maybe you will be divided and… Let’s play!



    “Soon you will know “the chopper”, the owner of this live Escape game who has locked you up, and why it is not just a game for him.” So it is defined in its web page; for the more courageous and daring we propose this live Escape Room of fear. Only 29% get out. Would you be one of them?




    Are you up for it? 😉

  • Barcelona activities that you do not want to miss

    We have already told you some secret places to visit in Barcelona, but we still haven’t recommended any Barcelona activities and that can’t be! Today we dedicate our day to visiting the Camp Nou and its surroundings. So take note, fill your evenings with dead hours because you’re going to need them:


    Barcelona actividades


    • Barcelona Camp Nou: a stadium, a passion, a feeling: more than a club. You can go to visit the Camp Nou stadium, go into the locker room, sit in the presidential box, on the bench of the main stars of the game, and even step on the grass of the pitch. For all those who want to experience an unforgettable evening and put themselves in the skin of the Barça players, Camp Nou welcomes you.
    • Without going any further: next to it is the Palau Blaugrana, the place where the most exciting basketball games take place. Complete the day with a visit to the Palau Blaugrana and enjoy the souvenir shop with all your gang. Who knows… maybe you will meet some famous player 😉
    • Ice cold: next to it is the ice rink, a place where laughs, falls and friendly shenanigans are ensured. You can spend a wonderful afternoon gliding across the ice and feeling you are real skaters. It is one of the most fun Barcelona activities.
    • La Masia: you have before you the cradle of the Barça stars, the place where they played, studied, and the best football tactics were created. It is almost a fairy-tale place, since the building impressively counters the sound of the street with its majesty.


    Barcelona actividades


    There are Barcelona activities that are well worth visiting, and this is certainly one of them. Discover Barcelona with us 🙂

  • Some tips to come to study in Barcelona successfully

    Before coming to study in Barcelona, let us say that you have to have a list of everything you need to take, remember, ask… and this can sometimes cause stress and doubts. So for all our thelofttowners (and those who come to study in Barcelona) we leave you some guidelines that you must follow to enjoy your trip. Shall we do this?



    What should I take in my suitcase?

    Barcelona is a city with quite a pleasant climate so a variety of long sleeves, long trousers, t-shirts, some shorts, sneakers, boots, sandals and a coat will suffice.

    We recommend bringing a power converter and an adapter. It is something that we never thought about taking, and you will be eternally grateful for the recommendation 😉



    Do I have to register?

    Registration is mandatory for all the inhabitants of a city or town, so if you are coming to study in Barcelona and stay in our residence, it is required. It is a very quick procedure that is done through the Citizen Attention office.



    What can I do?

    Now it’s yours, see Barcelona as you had never imagined; in our blog we have brought to light some secret corners of Barcelona. Take a look 😉



    I don’t want to go back!

    Us neither 🙁  so don’t lose contact because you will always be a thelofttowner. On returning to your home (if you are coming to study in Barcelona by ERASMUS) you have to make sure that you validate you credits.


    study in Barcelona


    We are determined to respond to all questions that you may have to make your trip to Barcelona as enjoyable and unchaotic as possible; think that you are coming to know your future 😉

  • Everything you need to know when you visit Barcelona

    There is something that you have to know when you visit Barcelona, and even more so if you have come to live in our residence because this will be your city. We know that the first thing you will see will be the Sagrada Familia, the Columbus statue, The Ramblas, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló… and after that, what? There is more of Barcelona to see. Welcome to the secret Barcelona!


    • Carmel bunkers: a well hidden secret, they tend not to appear among the prominent sights in the city, and it’s a shame because you get one of the best views of the city. These are anti-aircraft guns that were built during the Civil War in 1937. At that time Barcelona received daily bombardment of almost 200 bombs.
    • Botanical gardens: guys, we have hidden botanical gardens! With more than 14 hectares, this botanic garden cultivates plants of all species in the world, and do you know where you can find it? On Montjuïc; it is an almost obligatory visit.
    • CosmoCaixa: it doesn’t appear either in guides of what to visit, which is why we share it with our more adventurous thelofttowners. In this space you will find a world of science, animal science, and technology, which will amaze you. Giant piranhas, aquatic forests, blocks of ice, a room dedicated to matter… awesome!
    • Labyrinth of Horta: it is incredible to get lost in the greenest Barcelona. This maze keeps a secret: it is the oldest park in Barcelona; it is an obligatory spot to visit Barcelona for all those who are not reading. Its structure mixes neoclassical 18th century style with the romantic style of the 19th century. Do you dare enter?


    visit Barcelona 


    Being one of thelofttowners has advantages; if you want to visit Barcelona in all its splendour, we open the doors of the city for you so that you can let your curiosity run wild 😉

  • The guide that all residents of a student residence Barcelona need to know

    And what guide is that, what’s it about you are asking yourselves… well congratulations, because only those residents in a student residence Barcelona who have entered are going to discover, once and for all, the final secrets to getting good grades. Impressive right? Well, we are going to do it with this secret guide!



    • Create a study plan: it is very easy, the difficult thing is to follow it; that is why this exercise will test your perseverance: you have to have planning for months ahead of the tasks, jobs and exams you’ll have during the course, and the time you’re going to devote to each one. Only this way will you have free time to enjoy with your fellow students from the student residence Barcelona.
    • Your own notes please: you have to stop asking your classmates for their notes; taking your own notes allows a quick memorization of the topic, a structure of the subject itself, which will allow an easy visual recognition; and if you’re very careful we recommend making a rough draft of the subject taught in class, and once you arrive at your student residence Barcelona, shut yourself away in one of the study rooms and make clean notes.
    • Sleep enough: sleep is the best medicine against fatigue, and the thing is that during sleep the brain assimilates all that has been learned during the day, so that the more you sleep, the better. So, today stay in your room at The Lofttown and dedicate the night to yourself 🙂


    residencias de estudiantes en barcelona


    Did you like it? Now you already have all the keys to success.

  • Do you really know what it means to study tourism in Barcelona?

    When you study tourism in Barcelona it involves a series of very positive consequences for your career. If you’re already a veteran you’ve been able to find out, but if you are starting this September… You’ll be pleased to know, so let’s do this!

    1. A city full of examples: there is no city in Catalonia more touristic than Barcelona. If you study tourism here, you will have the great opportunity to see every day what you learn in the classroom, even some of the examples given in class will be in Barcelona. A 24/7 classroom.
    2. The best universities: here in Barcelona are some of the best universities in the world such as the Pompeu Fabra, UAB, UB, Abat Oliva, Ramón Lllull, so you have a wide range of education for your next course.
    3. Mediterranean relations: Barcelona is a university city, which means that there are millions of groups of university students wanting to meet you and get to know some of the most remote corners of the city with you. Now, more than ever, is your opportunity to study tourism in Barcelona.
    4. Work placement in Barcelona: because Barcelona is a tourist town, it will allow you to do work placement immediately during the summer months when more staff are needed in tourist places; which means that if you are a student resident in Barcelona you will be able to work every summer at what you have been studying during the academic course. You will be more than ready!


    study tourism in Barcelona


    Don’t miss the opportunity to complete your tourism studies in one of the cities best known for this, Barcelona, where leisure and studies make sense. And to stay, get to know our student residence The Lofttown, a place very different from all the other university residences. Do not hesitate to come and study tourism in Barcelona: here will find you the best university, the best residence to live in, and the best fun.

  • Where to go in Barcelona: 10 places you can’t miss

    One more day we share with you the essentials you must do if you have any doubts about where to go in Barcelona. Barcelona is a big city, but it is the perfect size to visit, so from The Lofttown we’ll tell you what is on our list of unmissables; devour Barcelona!



    1. Gaudí and Modernism: If there is anything that characterizes the city it is modernism.
    2. A different concert: in the Gran Teatro del Liceu.
    3. Tapas and Vermouth: a very typical “combi” in Barcelona, which fills Las Ramblas for the hours before lunch, a very Catalan break.
    4. Excursion to Montjuïc: and views that leave you breathless. A visual and sensory spectacle steeped in history that you have to discover.
    5. Historic el Raval: get to know the history of Barcelona from the centre.
    6. A swim in the Mediterranean: 4 kilometres of beach to put your towel down and enjoy the sun and the seafront terraces.
    7. Train your palate: with Barcelona cuisine.
    8. The Sagrada Familia: which has become the symbol of the city, still not completed.
    9. The direction to America: Columbus shows it. And you can go up on foot to see a panoramic view of the spectacular city.
    10. Breathe underwater: in the Barcelona aquarium it is possible; that, and swimming among sharks and manta rays. Do you dare?


    where to go in Barcelona

    All this and more is what you can visit in Barcelona. As you can see, we have the good luck to be in the centre of Barcelona, where everything is happening, to offer you the fun time at hand that you want. Do you want to come and see us? We are here and hope you spend your best university years with us. Thanks once more for reading!


    If you are a student and are looking forward to living in Barcelona because you are coming to study for a master’s degree, an Erasmus or degree you must know the cost of living in the city so that you can organize yourself and calculate your monthly expenses. Today in our post, we can help with this issue.

    To calculate the monthly cost that it takes to live in Barcelona these monthly expenses should be taken into account:

    • Food ranging from €250 to €350
    • Personal expenses between €160 to €220
    • Transport from €60 to €80

    Accommodation, which will depend a lot on which option you choose and the location. We recommend the option of staying in a student residence because you have everything included in the monthly price and this will help you to save a lot, since you won’t have to worry about food and other things and will have all the comforts of home.


    living in Barcelona


    In general the standard monthly cost estimated in the city is between €720-€1,200.

    We also give you guidance about the costs of certain leisure items that may be of interest to you:

    • Admission to a music bar or disco €10 to €30
    • Concert of modern music from €20 to €80
    • Football match from €20 to €100
    • Museum ticket from €5 to €15
    • Cinema ticket from €8 to €12
    • Theatre ticket from €12 to €50


    You can also check the Guía del Ocio to discover all the leisure options in Barcelona.

    On holiday or as a student, Barcelona is a wonderful city! There is a wide range of leisure and entertainment options for fun, good food, good weather and good vibrations :). The Lofttown will accompany you on this unforgettable experience so that we are by your side all the time and for everything you need. Get to know us, for sure you will love to live in Barcelona with us.