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  • Student residence halls in Barcelona: keys to choosing

    Student residence halls in Barcelona are key for those who come to do their degree in the Catalan capital.

    When we come to study in a new city, we try to make a mix which offers us stability to study, have a good time and save.

    For this reason, student residence halls in Barcelona are a very attractive option. First of all because you will share a space with students like yourself and you will be able to make friends to go out at night (or in the day). Second, because with the fee of a student residence hall all the services are included, and third because you will have exclusive areas to study alone or in group.

    Well then: what is the most important thing at the moment of choosing a student residence hall in Barcelona? In TheLofttown we help you to choose the best place for you and your needs.


    At the moment of choosing a student residence hall in Barcelona it is fundamental to know the services that it has. A residence hall is not only a room… it is much more!

    For example, it is key that the installations are prepared for students. This is: wifi, study rooms (individuals and group), meeting rooms, private rooms, photocopiers and printers.

    At the same time, you can find out the additional services included in the fee which make your stay more friendly and optimised to make new friends.

    An example of these additional services can be: terrace, solarium, gym, cafeteria, common spaces to socialise, video games rooms, laundromat, parking for bicycles, and of course, cooking.


    There are many student residence halls in Barcelona which offer services on top of the fee. TheLofttown includes the lot!

    It’s important that you make an analysis of your needs to find all the comforts and services at the best price. This way you don’t worry about costs out of the residence hall. A clear example of this is the gym.

    “How much does it cost to live in Barcelona?” is a recurring question among those who come to study a master’s degree or do an Erasmus in Barcelona. Well, imagine that you pay for a room and everything is included. Cool!

    Get to know the different rooms and prices that we have in TheLofttown. Fall in love!


    Just as we commented before, it is fundamental that the students always feel comfortable; like at home. Student residence halls must offer space and practicality.

    The study areas must be adapted for each one and the relaxation areas ready to favour interaction.

    Likewise, basic services like heating, air conditioning and cleaning are fundamental for students to enjoy their stay without worrying about things they don’t want to worry about.


    The location of your next student residence hall in Barcelona has to be comfortable for you: near to the important arteries of the city, well-connected and in an agreeable environment.

    TheLofttown is located in one of the best neighbourhoods in Barcelona: Gracia. Near to everything: the universities, study centres, leisure, restaurants, shops, green areas … and with virtually all the metro, bus and train lines next to you. Google it!


  • The best student accommodation in Barcelona is the one that helps you in things that go beyond the accommodation

    In Barcelona there are a large number of student residences that provide comfort and accommodation to those intrepid university students coming to enjoy Barcelona, Mediterranean food, the essence of its historical streets and the fresh air that its beaches give us. But how to choose the best student accommodation in Barcelona without dying in the attempt? It’s so easy; choose only the one which helps you in things that go far beyond housing. Why The Lofttown? How does it get to be the best student accommodation in Barcelona?

    It is the most central

    We not only provide perfect accommodation, but also the perfect location. You can forget transportation because you can walk to all the key points in the heart of Barcelona: Paseo de Gracia, Avenida Diagonal, Plaça Catalunya… Live the experience and go all around the beautiful streets of Barcelona for yourself!

    It is a pioneer in full sustainability

    The Lofttown is the first residence with organic cuisine and a brand new biosustainable building. We offer you organic products and local produce in your meals, maximum energy savings, maximum comfort for the residents and reduced impact on our environment.

    best student accommodation in Barcelona

    Created only to please the student

    We are responding to the growing demand of students who come to Barcelona to study for a college degree, a master’s degree, an Erasmus… The Lofttown was created with a clear mission to be the benchmark residence, the best student residence in Barcelona. Our raison d ‘ être is students and we are focused on them, so we know their needs very well and what they are looking for in a completely new place.

    If you want to experience the magic of Barcelona first hand, the best place is The Lofttown. Be very happy!