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  • Apps that will help you to work at Christmas and much more

    For our thelofttowners not returning home for Christmas, we have a surprise prepared; we know that some of you need to work at Christmas, so under our commitment to support and take care of you, we are sharing with you a list of the apps that will help you find work at Christmas, company placements or temporary jobs. Shall we start?


    • Jovid: the app that helps you to find company placements without previous experience. It connects students with companies in the sector of your interest so that you get to know them from the inside.
    • Worktoday: it is as easy as downloading the app, filling in the fields, and starting to look for offers that are of interest to you; some of the temporary contracts can become long term contracts. Will you be you one of them?
    • Guudjob: this application allows you to create a personal profile with your achievements, with which you will receive comments on your professional profile, which can open the doors when it comes to finding a job.
    • Job today: its motto is: “Find work in 24 hours” and it perfectly sums up the philosophy of the platform to get a quick job. If you’re one of those who want to work at Christmas and wants it now, this is your app.




    For all our residents who stay to enjoy Christmas in Barcelona I want to say that if you want to work at Christmas it is a very good option to learn a little more about the city where you live, the culture and above all the language (if this is one of your weak points). We want you to feel at home and we do everything we can to make it happen. Happy Holidays to all! And to those of you who have gone away for Christmas… see you soon!




    In The Lofttown we celebrate Christmas above all else, and this is also very special since it is our first Christmas! And we are excited to be able to celebrate with you all, but surprises will come soon enough, we are not giving anything away. Today I want to talk about Christmas gifts because it is very common among you to celebrate the Secret Santa; and as you’ll probably have to buy many presents, we give you some ideas for gifts, within your budget, and which are original. Looks like mission impossible but we have made it reality.


    • Chocolate fondue: you want it and we know. Who doesn’t like sharing an evening with a chocolate fondue? We are sure of laughter, games, delicious food and a few laughs among friends.
    • Memory book: you can give a memory book where each and every resident you know in The Lofttown can sign it, writing moments to remember with you, add stickers or memories in it…this way not only are you going to take away a unique experience during your years of study, you are going to take a bit of all and each of the residents and friends (for life).
    • Sports kit: there is always the typical friend who insists you go with them to the gym and that friend needs you to put on your tracksuit and use the sports kit that they have given you so that you go with them, and having a gym like the one that you have in The Lofttown you cannot make any more excuses.
    • The magic of films: a classic gift that recreates one of the most appealing expressions: movie and blanket. So give this, a movie and a blanket so the cold winter evenings become pleasant movie marathons 😉



    Did you like our suggestions? Happy Holidays thelofttowners