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  • A student diet challenge that many YouTubers have tried

    One of the challenges that are most popular on social networks is eating for one euro a day for a week; many You Tubers have joined this initiative to raise awareness of the daily waste of much food that we buy and that we hardly tried, or just didn’t consume, and it passes its expiry date. Today what we are going to say to you is that you don’t need to take up this challenge because we do something incredible with food from the buffet and also take care of your student diet. Shall we begin?



    • A quality buffet: our products are local, which means that we buy the produce from farms to reduce the footprint that food transport causes.
    • A varied diet, rich in vitamins: a student diet has to be conceived and designed to meet the daily needs and the wear and tear suffered by students by working, studying, going to class, paying attention, taking notes… That is why in our buffet you will find many products that a well-balanced diet contains, full of vitamins to deal with every day; and no need to worry about the food left over or that you don’t eat; you don’t have to do the challenge because here comes the best thing.
    • The food that you don’t eat: we give it to NGOs to be delivered to social canteens in the city for the most disadvantaged in our city. This way we assure you a diet for students ideal to keep going throughout the day but furthermore we are always working under Corporate Social Responsibility.


    student diet


    As you can see, there is no need to take the challenge of eating on a euro a day for a week. We are already working under this commitment.