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  • The art of learning a language in The Lofttown

    Learning a language is always a surprising task since it allows you to communicate with those people who are native speakers of a specific region. If you want to go on an Erasmus and learn, for example, English or Spanish, we’ll give you some of the keys you have the follow so you can learn a language in less than a year. Incredible, right?


    • Jump into the deep end: take the plane and go on an Erasmus, immerse yourself in the culture and language, listen, visit, see, communicate…
    • Be curious: the word “I don’t understand” has to disappear from your vocabulary, don’t be afraid to ask, that’s how you learn 😉
    • Watch TV: watching TV in the language that you want to learn has many advantages; to try to understand what they say with the speed and technical terms that accompany the informative vocabulary is one of the best ways to learn a language, and if you have questions: ask.
    • Your fellow TheLofttowners: if there is something that we like to see, it is how your friendships are consolidated here; there are many residents from different countries so you can learn a lot from one other, and it is the ideal time to start learning a language supported by all your colleagues and friends.


    learning a language


    Our residence for students in Barcelona is one of the main places where learning a language becomes something fun if we do it together, taking advantage of meeting new people who come on an Erasmus to create a small family together. We will give you all the tools for learning a language, reinforcement classes, private study areas; but doing it with friends is more fun and if it is in the The Lofttown bar much better 😉