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  • A long-distance relationship can work, and we show how you with our advice

    Having a long-distance relationship just at the moment when you start university or go on an Erasmus is one of the issues that most concern couples since there are many prejudices that a long-distance relationship doesn’t work, but that is not true; and we are going to give some tips so that the physical distance doesn’t become an emotional distance, and this way you can make a long-distance relationship work, which is one of the best feelings there is in the world.


    • Communicate frequently: now, thanks to new technologies we can communicate daily and frequently by WhatsApp, Skype… the secret is finding a moment a day, or every two days, to get in contact with your family and with your partner.
    • Speak about everything: not knowing where your partner has been for the night can lead to thinking too much and bringing up surely wrong thoughts and fears. It is very important that you talk about everything with your partner, if you go out to party, if you’re going to have a drink, and if you can send a message when you get home. It may seem a tiresome attitude but when distance separates, all negative thinking can be the start of a great deal of unnecessary argument.
    • Know people and places: make your partner part of your day-to-day and the places you visit and the people you meet, show them photographs, videos… that way the daily talks will be much more meaningful and you will feel that you are part of your partner’s life.



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