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  • Do you know the difference between a student residence and a university residence hall in Barcelona?

    As we all know there are different types of accommodation for those brave students who want to live a unique experience in a new place. On the one hand you can rent a flat, on the other there is accommodation in student residences; and, finally, accommodation in a university residence hall in Barcelona. The difference between student residences and university residence halls? We’ll discuss it below. Keep reading!

    The only difference that you will find between a student residence and a university residence hall in Barcelona is the organization of extracurricular activities. In a university residence hall, apart from the maintenance of the rooms you can also enjoy stays and group outings. Depending on the type of school the outings can be religious, thematic or varied. On the other hand, student residences consider that leaving a margin between extremes is very positive for students. Renting a student apartment is one of the most independent extremes; on the other hand, a university residence hall in Barcelona can often be synonymous with not coming out of your shell.

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    This is why the option to stay in a student residence is a good choice because it helps you with basic things, such as the maintenance of your room; it solves for you the issue of your diet and even encourages you to study and creates a favorable environment for you to do this, but does not ever become a second school, i.e.  it will help you to grow, manage by yourself and even start to make an independent life (but with all security and amenities).

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