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  • BBQ Dinner in Xior The Lofttown

    We are in the middle of the academic year and in our residence good food cannot be missed.
    We have students from all over the world, many different countries, with diverse cultures and for this reason each month we have organized themed meals so our Lofttowners can enjoy typical foods from other cultures. 
    Follow us on Instagram @thelofttown_bcn to not miss any news about our gastronomic activities!
    Remember, tonight we are waiting for you at the BBQ Dinner!

    Equipo Xior The LoftTown 


    The Xior Family has news for you!  

    Xior Student Housing community has recently started a new movement to encourage our residents and their closer people to keep their bodies on moving, to be able to help the children of Little Hearts Cambodia.  

    Join us on Strava and run, swim, walk and bike with us for Little Hearts & help us reach our goal to help orphans in Cambodia get a proper education and housing!📖

    🎖23.898 km = Xior donates €3,000 euros to Little Hearts.

    🥈 If we manage to do it twice, we’ll donate €5,000!

    🥇 1 of our top 20 most active students will also be entered to win a Garmin Forerunner 645 music watch!

    Join our ‘XIORIZE’ group on Strava and donate your kilometres ♥  



    Xior The Lofttown Team 


    Hi Lofttowners!

    Do you know that The Lofttown has agreements with different universities? We offer 50% discount in the registration fee.

    We have a lot of international students who are studying in Barcelona and they have been able to take benefit from these agreements. You can find all of our partners in the section “Partners”! https://thelofttown.com/en/partners/

    And you, ¿in which university are you going to study?


    From November 23th, the ‘Plan de Desescalada’ planned by the Generalitat of Catalonia will begin. 

    At Xior The Lofttown we are always update with the news, that is why we thought it would be a great idea to create a file with the information of the ‘Plan de Desescalada’ and send it to our Lofttowners. 

    In this way, they will be able to be informed and updated on the current situation and the changes that will happen over the days. 

    You can find the measures in our Instagram @thelofttown_bcn

    We hope to be able to climb one more step day by day! 

    Have a nice week,

    Xior The Lofttown


    As we have told a few days ago, during the month of September and October we have given the ‘Orientation Day’ for all the residents of Xior The Lofttown. 

    At the end of this event, apart from the talks and information, we have given our new Welcome Pack. 

    The new Xior The Lofttown Welcome Pack is a gift for our Lofttowners. It is adapted to the new normality, so our residents can enjoy their things safe and comfortable during their stay in Barcelona. 

    Our Welcome SAFETY Pack has: 

    – A bag 

    – A bottle 

    – A mask 

    – An individual sanitizing gel 

    Everything with our Xior Student Housing slogan, so that wherever they are in the world, they will be connected with our #XiorFamily.

  • STAY HOME in Xior The Lofttown

    Due to the recent curfew decree in Catalonia, Xior The Lofttown will follow all the protocols and indications established by Generalitat de Catalunya.

    A curfew establishes the prohibition or restriction, established by governmental institutions of Catalonia, to circulate freely through the streets of the city or to remain in public places, with the inhabitants remaining only in their homes except in cases of necessity or urgency.

    For this reason, all common areas of this residence Xior The Lofttown will remain closed from 22:00h until 06:00h. Any space of the residence, except residents rooms, are considered a common area. All residents must stay inside their rooms during the curfew Schedule, it is mandatory for all.

    For you, for your colleagues, for the global health 🙂

    Xior The Lofttown Team


    Xior The Lofttown team have created a calendar of activities for this academic year, which will be adapted according to government and global measures regarding Covid.  

    Our main objective is that our residents in Xior The Lofttown feel like home, we want to offer them activities to enjoy, but always our priority is to organize everything taking into account the necessary measures in order to feel safe. 

    We have closed several agreements with different places, in order to provide activities and opportunities for the residents, so that they can enjoy them during all these months in Barcelona. From music school, surf and skate school, gym, to coffee shop and copy shop.  

    We have also contacted the university league tournament, so our residents of Lofttown can register and play the football tournament, season 20-21. 

    We will keep looking for new advantages and activities for our Lofttowners! 

    By showing the new Student Card of The Lofttown, each resident will be able to enjoy its benefits!