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    Hi Lofttowners!

    Do you know that The Lofttown has agreements with different universities? We offer 50% discount in the registration fee.

    We have a lot of international students who are studying in Barcelona and they have been able to take benefit from these agreements. You can find all of our partners in the section “Partners”! https://thelofttown.com/en/partners/

    And you, ¿in which university are you going to study?

  • Our student accommodation is going strong and at full sail! Come and join us!

    The Lofttown, the new concept in student accommodation in Barcelona is about to set sail! We are now in the final stage! Only 4 months away from the official opening(1st July), all engines are running at full speed finalizing the fine details. If this coming academic year is your turn to make the most important jump in your life, going to university, and if you are looking for student accommodation, The Lofttown is the ideal accommodation for you. What is more, you will be using the facilities for the first time!

    Today, we want to dedicate this post to explaining to you some more details of The Lofttown Barcelona and about this final phase of construction, as well as sharing with you the pleasure it gives us to open the doors to this new concept of student accommodation in Barcelona. If you decide to live at The Lofttown (we promise that we are a totally different concept in student accommodation) you will notice the difference. Take a look at our website and discover a different world where you will live a unique and fun university experience in total comfort and safety. You will have an adventure packed with emotions, experiences, new friends and a lot more!

    Here we explain some of the finer details

    The interior design of our building is in a loft style, you will feel good in our spacious and modern facilities with all the necessary details for your comfort. You will love the decoration, and there will be no exception to detail! Chillout areas, terraces, a solarium, an outside CrossFit gym…

    The rooms are also in a minimalist style and the studios are equipped with kitchens in case you like to do what you want and cook when you please. Luxury living! The residency is also open 24 hours a day, 365 days  a year. It has closed-circuit television and you will also have The Lofttowners Assistants at hand for all your needs, and you will be able to ask for their help whenever necessary.

    The food… mmm… the food! Our buffet is ecological and made from local produce so that you can eat healthily. Come and taste it!


    student accommodation


    Go ahead, no need to think about it any more, reserve your place. Don’t miss out because everyone is going to talk about The Lofttown. Do you want to miss the opportunity?

  • Are you looking for student accommodation Barcelona? Don´t worry, you have already found it!

    Why The Lofttown? Three reasons that answer that question


    Barcelona is the favourite destination for university students because of the quality of the studies, the variety of degrees, the vanguard culture, the social life, its climate and an endless list of things that make this city an ideal place to come to visit for a period of time. Being the perfect place for students from all around the world to carry out their studies, we can also find that there is a diverse choice of student accommodation Barcelona. However, as can be seen with all things in life, they are not all the same. Choose the best from all of the student accommodation Barcelona and ensure that your experience of studying in this city is one to remember. We have the perfect student accommodation for you: The Lofttown. Here we reveal why.


    The Lofttown is a newly constructed, bio-sustainable building constructed with the latest generation of materials which have the least impact on the environment. Use the facilities for the first time!

    A way of life

    Not only is The Lofttown student accommodation Barcelona, it is also a way of life. There are people who take their future seriously, who search for success, who love life and their friends, and who make the necessary effort to achieve what they long for. Following these values and lifestyle, day after day, we are behind the students so that they find everything at The Lofttown. Living, loving, learning, growing, having fun are concepts that we instinctively associate with happiness, that is how we think at The Lofttown. We promote the passionate and intense way of enjoying things.

    student accommodation Barcelona

    Good food in a good place

    Spain is a country with a lot of gastronomic culture, and in Barcelona we have the famous Mediterranean Diet. At The Lofttown, our desire has been to transfer this philosophy to the cuisine that we offer you: 100% ecological and local products, which are healthy and rich in vitamins. Sitting down to enjoy delicious food will become the most appetizing option for you at meal times. As well as our cuisine, we offer dishes from other parts of the world in order to satisfy the most curious palettes and to avoid monotony.

    ¿Nos vemos en The Lofttown?