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    Do you want to live in Xior The Lofttown Next Academic Year??!
    Reservations period will start soon!

    We offer you:

    – Live in the city center with everything you need

    – Spacious Hall for your day to day

    – 78 rooms with private bathrooms including different options: single, double, kitchen option and / or private terrace

    – Restaurant service with organic food 365 days a year.

    – Special half board and full board rates.

    – Study room and architecture desks

    – Private meeting rooms

    – Coworking room.

    – Multipurpose area

    – Recreation area.

    – Private cinema.

    – Laundry

    – A fantastic terrace for your free time.

    – Large outdoor gym.

    – Solarium area.

    – Flexible contract conditions.

    – And more services…


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  • BBQ Dinner in Xior The Lofttown

    We are in the middle of the academic year and in our residence good food cannot be missed.
    We have students from all over the world, many different countries, with diverse cultures and for this reason each month we have organized themed meals so our Lofttowners can enjoy typical foods from other cultures. 
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    Remember, tonight we are waiting for you at the BBQ Dinner!

    Equipo Xior The LoftTown 


    On behalf of the entire team, welcome back to the Xior Family!

    We hope that you have enjoyed the holidays and have got the much-needed rest ahead of a busy new academic semester.

    We have missed you!

    Over the recent weeks, encouraging news has emerged regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, which in turn we hope will be a sign of better times to come.

    At Xior Student Housing, we continue to work relentlessly to offer you the best possible accommodation, with an unparalleled student atmosphere. We would also like to take the opportunity to reassure you that the Xior Team is monitoring the situation closely and will do its best to act swiftly to any changing circumstances, always keeping your needs as our utmost priority.

    We rely on your cooperation and absolute best behaviour with regards to complying with Covid-19 regulations, to face these unprecedented circumstances. Together we are stronger!

    Do not forget that for whatever you need, we are here to help you!

    HERE WE COME 2021!

    Xior Student Housing


    The end of the year is here and at Xior the Lofttown we have organized a pre-Christmas event, to receive it with love, warmth and combat the cold with some churros with chocolate.

    On December 4, we have invited all our Lofttowners to decorate the residence. The Christmas tree has been set up, lights, santas and socks have been placed everywhere, but something  very nice has also happened, our Xior Family Members have written the famous and positive CARDS WITH WISHES! 

    They have been hung on the tree and all along a garland so that they can be displayed to everyone. 

    At the end, we have invited them to the restaurant to thank them and share some delicious churros with hot chocolate. 


    Thank you for being with us 

    Xior The Lofttown


    Last October 14, we held the first The Lofttown Ping-Pong tournament of the season. With all the security measures, the residents have had an excellent performance and have been able to enjoy some time of entertainment between each other. 

    Following the tournament rules and protocols, it was an entertaining tournament, and the final was purely Italian and the event has been super cool! 


    Thanks for participating!
    We are already planning more at Xior The Lofttown. 

    #XiorTheLofttown #StudentHousingBarcelona #XiorFamily

  • STAY HOME in Xior The Lofttown

    Due to the recent curfew decree in Catalonia, Xior The Lofttown will follow all the protocols and indications established by Generalitat de Catalunya.

    A curfew establishes the prohibition or restriction, established by governmental institutions of Catalonia, to circulate freely through the streets of the city or to remain in public places, with the inhabitants remaining only in their homes except in cases of necessity or urgency.

    For this reason, all common areas of this residence Xior The Lofttown will remain closed from 22:00h until 06:00h. Any space of the residence, except residents rooms, are considered a common area. All residents must stay inside their rooms during the curfew Schedule, it is mandatory for all.

    For you, for your colleagues, for the global health 🙂

    Xior The Lofttown Team


    Xior The Lofttown team have created a calendar of activities for this academic year, which will be adapted according to government and global measures regarding Covid.  

    Our main objective is that our residents in Xior The Lofttown feel like home, we want to offer them activities to enjoy, but always our priority is to organize everything taking into account the necessary measures in order to feel safe. 

    We have closed several agreements with different places, in order to provide activities and opportunities for the residents, so that they can enjoy them during all these months in Barcelona. From music school, surf and skate school, gym, to coffee shop and copy shop.  

    We have also contacted the university league tournament, so our residents of Lofttown can register and play the football tournament, season 20-21. 

    We will keep looking for new advantages and activities for our Lofttowners! 

    By showing the new Student Card of The Lofttown, each resident will be able to enjoy its benefits!



    Xior has established a list of measures in order to maintain the safety of our residents.

    • Protective screens at reception and restaurant
    • Hydroalcoholic gel in difference places of the residence
    • Temperature check at Reception
    • Virtual communication open 24h
    • Use of masks if is not possible keep distance
    • Limitations of visitors
    • Capacity control of the residence
    • Reduction capacity of restaurant (seat not available for keep distance)
    • Individual service at restaurant
    • Cleaning of sheets and towels at more than 60 º
    • Ventilation of commons area daily and rooms
    • Definition of direction (specific entry doors and exit doors)
    • Rooms available in case is necessary isolate residents
    • 24h assistance to residents who request it (Room service)
    • Resources available in case of emergency
    • 10% of discount on Covid -19 PCR to Aloft Healt provide to the residents who want to do tests by their own free will (in case of traveling, etc.)
    • Delivery of Welcome pack (Hydroalcoholic gel, mask) to reinforce the importance of this issue currently
    • All residents will be kept informed of news about the general situation in the city, because we want inform them about the situation outside and we want to ensure the security inside the residence.


    Xior The Lofttown, as the rest of Xior residences, has communicated to the residents all the procedures concerning covid and the company will follow al the indications specified by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Health department.

    Stay Safe with us!

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