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  • The keys to how to network that will turn you into an expert

    During the week of April 13 in Barcelona, Jobarcelona went ahead, where university students and companies do face to face networking. Right now, we’re thinking, do our thelofttowners know how to network? And as they say: when in doubt, full speed ahead, so we bring you this post full of recommendations so that the next time you network you may be experts.




    • Make a list: before going networking, research companies and make a list of those that you are most interested in, so you don’t get lost in the crowd and that you go directly to the point. Get interesting contacts.


    • Get up early: the early bird gets contacts. Be the first to sit at the tables of the companies that you’ve previously included in the list; be friendly, courteous, answers questions about what you have been asked, and don’t beat around the bush.


    • Prepare your CV and something else: having your CD printed in order to hand it over to companies is the golden rule; but if you really want to stand out, take business cards, cover letters… everything extra that can give support to your interview will be so much the better.


    • Attend talks: in networking there are often lectures, question and answer sessions… sign up for everything you can, CV checks, personal counselling, mock group meetings with people who you do not know. Do all that you can. It is training and experience for you.




    We care for you and your future, so we try to place in your hands all that you need to know about how to network. Would you like us to talk about something specific that worries you or you find interesting? Let us know in the comments and we’ll talk about it 😉

  • What are student meals like? We reveal it all to you

    Known worldwide as the student diet, student meals are basically canned food, prefabricated dishes and leftovers from the previous day, right? Thelofttown revolutionizes the world of student meals and offers something that you’ll want (and a lot). Does it arouse your curiosity?




    Just don’t say that the food in a student apartment is blessed gold; each one has their space in the fridge and THEIR food, which is not shared with anyone; and that kind of food is not usually very healthy or varied: pasta, hamburgers, pizza, biscuits and chocolates is what we find in abundance. So, what student meals will you find in a student residence? Specifically in ours: Thelofttown, because we are going to see, right?


    • A buffet: take all you want and repeat whenever you wish, our buffet offers fresh, healthy, varied local produce.


    • For curious palates: we offer produce from other countries in the world so that you can try everything, also our menus will vary so you’ll not always eat the same thing, but you will eat in the same way: enjoyable and balanced (and delicious).


    • A high-class restaurant: Thelofttown has a dining area to make you feel comfortable to enjoy your meal, so you can arrange right away with the other thelofttowners to enjoy our fresh diets, grilled dishes, without fats, home-made desserts… Our mouths are already watering.




    Future thelofttowner who is reading us, we have something to tell you: we are your next adventure in Barcelona. As a student residence we want you to become part of our family so that we can take care of you in the most important academic years of your life. Shall we start?

  • The guide that all residents of a student residence Barcelona need to know

    And what guide is that, what’s it about you are asking yourselves… well congratulations, because only those residents in a student residence Barcelona who have entered are going to discover, once and for all, the final secrets to getting good grades. Impressive right? Well, we are going to do it with this secret guide!



    • Create a study plan: it is very easy, the difficult thing is to follow it; that is why this exercise will test your perseverance: you have to have planning for months ahead of the tasks, jobs and exams you’ll have during the course, and the time you’re going to devote to each one. Only this way will you have free time to enjoy with your fellow students from the student residence Barcelona.
    • Your own notes please: you have to stop asking your classmates for their notes; taking your own notes allows a quick memorization of the topic, a structure of the subject itself, which will allow an easy visual recognition; and if you’re very careful we recommend making a rough draft of the subject taught in class, and once you arrive at your student residence Barcelona, shut yourself away in one of the study rooms and make clean notes.
    • Sleep enough: sleep is the best medicine against fatigue, and the thing is that during sleep the brain assimilates all that has been learned during the day, so that the more you sleep, the better. So, today stay in your room at The Lofttown and dedicate the night to yourself 🙂


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    Did you like it? Now you already have all the keys to success.

  • Choosing a student residence in Barcelona that has everything is no longer difficult. Choose The Lofttown!

    What factors must you take into account when choosing your student residence in Barcelona?



    he time we spend at university is a stage of our lives of crucial importance, given that it is the moment when we leave the protective environment of our homes and family and we step into the real world. However, they are also marvellous years that we have to live intensively.

    If this is your current situation and on top of that you are going to study abroad, or far away from home, one of the main things that you have to decide is where you are going to live during this period of time at university. The Lofttown gives you the keys to choose the best student residence in Barcelona. Are you ready? Well, lets begin!

    Close, very close!

    One of the most worrying things is the choice of the location of the student residence in Barcelona. It is very important that your future home is not far away from your studies, or from the city centre. You will waste less time in getting around and it will be more comfortable moving around because you will have everything close by. The Lofttown is situated in one of the best locations in Barcelona, in the Gracia neighbourhood. You will have everything at hand: universities, leisure, shopping, restaurants, green areas…

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    Always connected!

    To be well situated is very important, but it is also important to be able to get around with ease. In other words, to be in the heart of the city with varied public transport connections close by. An ideal student residence in Barcelona must facilitate the movement of young people by being located in areas with different transport options.

    Calmly does it!

    Another one of the characteristics to take into account when choosing your accommodation is the quietness of the neighbourhood and the residency itself. While it is true that being in the centre is great having all the activity at hand, it is also good to have relaxing spaces to be able to study in, and to have a favourable environment for the exam times, and so that you are relaxed at “home”. It is for this reason that the residency that you choose must be equipped with areas specially dedicated as much to study as to leisure in order to be able to take maximum advantage of study time, the time when you are relaxing in your breaks, and your free time.

    student residence in Barcelona

    Like manna from heaven!

    We have good news! All the necessary things: a peaceful environment, transport connectivity, everything at hand, comfort, and all other types of quality services. We have them! This cocktail has a name: The Lofttown. The Lofttown is a new concept of student residences, designed to the highest level of comfort to offer you a complete living experience. Creating a safe and comfortable space so that your parents have peace of mind knowing that you will be as if you were at home.

    Share this very important stage of your life with us! Enjoy university life, enjoy studying what you are really passionate about, and enjoy your stay in such an attractive city as Barcelona with new friends. You will love being Lofttowner.