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    The new academic year has started and we have some photos of our students arrivals.
    We are very happy to welcome them to our #XiorFamily.

    We are preparing a lot of surprises for our Lofttowners, which ones we will keep you informed through our Instagram @thelofttown_bcn and very soon in our Facebook The Lofttown.

    There are more arrivals for the coming days and we still have some rooms available, if you are reading this and you are looking for a place to stay in Barcelona.. this is your moment! –> https://thelofttown.com/es/reservas/

    We are waiting for you! ¡Check In time in Xior Student Housing Barcelona The Lofttown!

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  • Choosing a student residence Barcelona that has everything is not difficult now

    TheLofttown isn’t only a student residence Barcelona, it is a very special place that will accompany you during the most important and decisive years of your life. For this reason, we have a great responsibility and we want to be a place that helps you to shape yourself as an adult.

    What you should take into account at the moment of choosing your student residence Barcelona

    The time at university is a stage of crucial importance in our lives, since it is the moment that we leave the protective environment of our home and family and move on to the real world. But they are also fantastic years that we have to live intensely.

    If this is your current situation you are lucky. And if, in addition, you are going to study abroad or away from home, you are even luckier. And one of the main things that you will have to sort out is where to stay during this university period; TheLofttown gives you the keys to choose the best student accommodation in Barcelona. Are you ready? Well then, let’s begin,


    Near, very near!

    One of the things that cause the most worry is the location of the student residence Barcelona that is chosen. It is very important that your future home isn’t far away, either from your studies or from the city centre. You’ll spend less time travelling and it’ll be easy to get around because you will have everything nearby. TheLofttown is located in one of the best locations in Barcelona, in the Gracia neighbourhood. You will have everything at hand: universities, leisure, shopping and restaurants, green areas … Are you going to miss out?


    Always connected!

    It is very important to be well located, but also to be able to move around at ease; that is to say to be in the heart of the metropolis. Having several public transport connections nearby. The ideal student residence Barcelona should make getting about easy by being located in areas with different transport options.


    Take it easy!

    Another of the characteristics to take into account at the moment of deciding your student residence Barcelona is the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and of the residents in it. Although for sure it’s great to be in the centre of the city and have all the activity at hand, it’s also good to be able to have spaces to relax where you are able to study and have an environment suitable for the exam periods and so that you are relaxed at  “home”. And that is why the  student residence Barcelona that you choose should be provided with areas specially dedicated to study as much as to leisure, to be able to take advantage, to the maximum, of the study hours, the moments you relax in the breaks and your deserved free time.


    Manna from heaven!

    We have good news! Everything necessary: quiet, connections, nearness, comfort and all type of quality services, we have them! This cocktail has its own name: TheLofttown. This student residence Barcelona is a new concept of student residences designed at the highest level of comfort to offer you a unique university experience. Designed thinking about what a student needs and with every detail. Creating a safe and comfortable space so that your parents can be easy knowing that you will be like at home.


    Fulfilling dreams

    Now that we have given a name to this cocktail of factors that you need to choose your student residence Barcelona, we can already say to you that TheLofttown is a lifestyle that inspires the awakening of an honest, strong and fighting attitude so that you get your dreams in the wonderful life you have in front of you.

    TheLofttown is your student residence Barcelona, perfect if you’re looking for a quiet place to live, with all the comforts of home, with all the freedom as if you were living alone, with infinite new friends and with multiple opportunities to build your future at the level of personal relationships and unique experiences.

    A student residence Barcelona where you learn the habit of a positive attitude in life, to achieve professional success and all that you decide. Because with attitude we can get all of our dreams. And, of course, a place designed so that above all you have a good time.

    And some of you are still not convinced that this residence is the best choice; allow us to give you another of our tips so that you can see that the most important thing for us is you. At the end of the day, you are here to study a university degree, so what we are going to do is provide a guide so that you can recognise that, apart from all the other advantages TheLofttown has, it is also the best place to study that you’re going to find.



    Secrets waiting to be discovered

    • Create a study plan: it is very easy; the difficult thing is to keep it up. For this reason, this course put your perseverance to the test; you have to have a monthly planning and function of the tasks, jobs, exams that you’re going to have during the course and the time you are going to dedicate to each one. This is the only way that you will have time left over to enjoy with your friends in the student residence Barcelona.
    • Your own notes please: the business of asking for notes from your classmates has to stop. Taking your own notes allows rapid memorisation of the topic, a structure of the subject itself, which will allow an easy visual recognition. And if you are very meticulous we suggest that you take your notes in rough of the topic given in class; and once you arrive at your student residence Barcelona, you lock yourself away in one of the study rooms and make clean notes.
    • Sleep enough: and it is during dreaming that the brain assimilates everything that has been learnt during the day. Sleep is the best medicine for tiredness and it is during dreaming that the brain assimilates what has been learned during the day, for which reason the more you sleep the better, so today stay in your room in the TheLofttown and dedicate the night to yourself. We know that sometimes it can end up complicated, but there are moments when you have to prioritise. There is time for everything.


    For sure, those of you who still didn’t have it clear if this student residence Barcelona was a good place to study, now you shouldn’t have any doubt. We don’t only want you to be well and have all comforts, but we are also aware that, at the end of the day, you are here because you are studying a university degree, and we don’t want the main reason to be the last in our list of priorities. Simply, TheLofttown is a community which allows you to include everything, so that you enjoy studying.


    We have given you a lot of clues and tips about how your stay could be with us, so now the next step is up to you. Right now you should begin by calling us and get better informed about which room suits you best. To do that, you can consult our webpage or contact us, so you can have all our options for you at first hand.



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