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    On behalf of the entire team, welcome back to the Xior Family!

    We hope that you have enjoyed the holidays and have got the much-needed rest ahead of a busy new academic semester.

    We have missed you!

    Over the recent weeks, encouraging news has emerged regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, which in turn we hope will be a sign of better times to come.

    At Xior Student Housing, we continue to work relentlessly to offer you the best possible accommodation, with an unparalleled student atmosphere. We would also like to take the opportunity to reassure you that the Xior Team is monitoring the situation closely and will do its best to act swiftly to any changing circumstances, always keeping your needs as our utmost priority.

    We rely on your cooperation and absolute best behaviour with regards to complying with Covid-19 regulations, to face these unprecedented circumstances. Together we are stronger!

    Do not forget that for whatever you need, we are here to help you!

    HERE WE COME 2021!

    Xior Student Housing

  • The guide for students that will make you succeed

    Everyone would like a guide for students that taught us the secret of getting good grades, right? Well you aren’t going to believe it but today we are sharing it with you, so you don’t have to wait any longer.



    Do you know what the real key to success is? You.

    • Determination: never stop working for what you believe in and motivates you, enjoy everything you do in class, arouse your curiosity by reading about the topic and what is said about it in the world, don’t close any doors. The university is a place where you can find an answer to everything that you consider.
    • Dedication: your studies will be your profession. You have to devote time, never stop learning. It is true what they say, that “you will never go to sleep without having learned something new”, and this is your daily challenge.
    • Effort: without effort there is no reward, and this has been more than demonstrated, the effort you make today will be the achievement of tomorrow. From The Lofttown we know the importance that concentration has for this point, and for this reason we offer you private rooms so that you can do your tasks and homework in total concentration. Let’s continue with the guide for students!
    • Fun: obviously you also have to have your moments of fun; and we put at your disposal movie theaters and games rooms so that you exercise your brain with fun, and escape from yourself a little.


    guía para estudiantes


    You have the secret of success; you are the one who will make your own guide for students, which will take you to the emphatic success of your studies, work and ambitions. We are there to support you in everything 😉