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  • Some tips to come to study in Barcelona successfully

    Before coming to study in Barcelona, let us say that you have to have a list of everything you need to take, remember, ask… and this can sometimes cause stress and doubts. So for all our thelofttowners (and those who come to study in Barcelona) we leave you some guidelines that you must follow to enjoy your trip. Shall we do this?



    What should I take in my suitcase?

    Barcelona is a city with quite a pleasant climate so a variety of long sleeves, long trousers, t-shirts, some shorts, sneakers, boots, sandals and a coat will suffice.

    We recommend bringing a power converter and an adapter. It is something that we never thought about taking, and you will be eternally grateful for the recommendation 😉



    Do I have to register?

    Registration is mandatory for all the inhabitants of a city or town, so if you are coming to study in Barcelona and stay in our residence, it is required. It is a very quick procedure that is done through the Citizen Attention office.



    What can I do?

    Now it’s yours, see Barcelona as you had never imagined; in our blog we have brought to light some secret corners of Barcelona. Take a look 😉



    I don’t want to go back!

    Us neither 🙁  so don’t lose contact because you will always be a thelofttowner. On returning to your home (if you are coming to study in Barcelona by ERASMUS) you have to make sure that you validate you credits.


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    We are determined to respond to all questions that you may have to make your trip to Barcelona as enjoyable and unchaotic as possible; think that you are coming to know your future 😉


    From immersing in a rich culture, in a privileged place where the best climate and an excellent gastronomy accompany you, to living an endless offer of leisure activities where you can find the best universities: These are seven reasons why studying in Barcelona will be one of the best decisions of your life and a very gratifying experience for you.


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    Its universities. Quality, innovation, high level of specialisation of the degrees and the tradition. In Barcelona, you will find a wide offer of prestigious universities, which makes studying in Barcelona an option.

    The city. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city full of contrasts and surprises. Barcelona´s different neighbourhoods are full of curiosities that you will just love to discover. And it is full of museums and monuments.

    Public transport. It is easy and safe getting around Barcelona. Everything is well connected so that the journeys are no problem at all. Furthermore, the city has bicycle lanes so that you can discover Barcelona in a healthy and ecological way.

    Leisure and events. There is a very wide offer of leisure activities and fun things to do throughout the year in Barcelona so that you can always enjoy yourself.

    Gastronomy. Excellent Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine that you will love, and healthy. But, also, in Barcelona you will be able to find any type of cuisine from around the world.

    Shopping. A multitude of shops and brands that will astound you.


    study in Barcelona


    An experience that you are not going to forget. Immerse yourself in Barcelona life with its people, its places… and it will give you unforgettable memories. And here we have a lot to say. The Lofttown is where everything starts. The student residency that provides you with the perfect plan: you are going to live in another city, to study what you like with your own room or studio, where you will be able to come and go when you like and live the way you like. You are going to make new friends that will be friends for all time, and all (all!) of your life you will remember your university years. In The Lofttown we have prepared everything so that your experience studying in Barcelona is awesome.

    We hope that this short list of reasons is a guide to show you the way. Reserve your place in The Lofttown and start a new, absolutely amazing stage of your life.