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  • You want to study in Spain ? You have to know this first

    Welcome one day more to our blog. Last week we dedicated the issue to talking about the benefits of studying tourism in Barcelona. Today we take the lens a little further back and roll out the map to reveal to you the real reasons why the best decision you can take is to study in Spain. So let’s do this!

    • Academic destination par excellence: Spain is one of the academic destinations par excellence thanks to international recognition and infrastructure of universities that includes spacious campuses with facilities for students such as libraries, research centers, sports areas and residences areas for students among others.
    • Variety of academic offer: If you decide to study in Spain you will have a wide academic offer which includes undergraduate and graduate studies from all disciplines; also students usually focus class examples on real success stories, attend talks and open days that help them to enter the world of work.
    • Lifestyle: where there are universities there is student life, and that’s what we love. In Spain all corners are filled with students eager to begin building their future and fill it with experiences that begin now; and residences for students are there to support your personal growth years.

    To study in Spain is one of the best options to shape your future, and is corroborated by the crowds of university students who come from all over the world each year to pursue their degree here.


    study in spain

    If you are thinking of studying out of your country or away from your home, do not forget that one of the most important aspects in this new stage is the choice of accommodation, since this can make your stay a wonderful experience; but if you don’t choose well it can harm you very negatively. We recommend that you stay in a student residence and we invite you to know The Lofttown because it is the newest and most different from all the others in Barcelona.