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  • Do you really know what it means to study tourism in Barcelona?

    When you study tourism in Barcelona it involves a series of very positive consequences for your career. If you’re already a veteran you’ve been able to find out, but if you are starting this September… You’ll be pleased to know, so let’s do this!

    1. A city full of examples: there is no city in Catalonia more touristic than Barcelona. If you study tourism here, you will have the great opportunity to see every day what you learn in the classroom, even some of the examples given in class will be in Barcelona. A 24/7 classroom.
    2. The best universities: here in Barcelona are some of the best universities in the world such as the Pompeu Fabra, UAB, UB, Abat Oliva, Ramón Lllull, so you have a wide range of education for your next course.
    3. Mediterranean relations: Barcelona is a university city, which means that there are millions of groups of university students wanting to meet you and get to know some of the most remote corners of the city with you. Now, more than ever, is your opportunity to study tourism in Barcelona.
    4. Work placement in Barcelona: because Barcelona is a tourist town, it will allow you to do work placement immediately during the summer months when more staff are needed in tourist places; which means that if you are a student resident in Barcelona you will be able to work every summer at what you have been studying during the academic course. You will be more than ready!


    study tourism in Barcelona


    Don’t miss the opportunity to complete your tourism studies in one of the cities best known for this, Barcelona, where leisure and studies make sense. And to stay, get to know our student residence The Lofttown, a place very different from all the other university residences. Do not hesitate to come and study tourism in Barcelona: here will find you the best university, the best residence to live in, and the best fun.