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  • 10 things to do in Barcelona before dying


    We tell you all the things to do in Barcelona


    The situation could be summarized in this way: you’ve arranged to meet this afternoon with other thelofttowners and you do not know the things to do in Barcelona because, let’s say, you have already visited the most touristic places, (we refer to the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló…). Well then, today we share with you some ideal places that you can enjoy in the fantastic city of Barcelona in good company. Shall we start?


    1. Icebar: is it time to feel even colder still? Icebar is a bar located in Barceloneta made entirely of ice, which leads to this bar being at an average temperature of -18º, but it is worth it! Being made entirely of ice, you can enjoy a full Siberian experience. Who dares to enter?


    1. Hidden swimming pools in the middle of the Eixample: yes, it is possible and in fact has a name: the gardens of the Torre de les Aigües, which host the precious and well known beach of the Eixample. They are the first of the Cerdà inner courtyards that were restored for public use. This swimming pool is open only in the summer months. Shall we see each other there?


    1. The Montjuïc cable car: visit the city of Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view, to reach the mythical mountain which houses one of the best museums of art in Catalunya, MNAC; but if art is not your thing, we challenge you to find the enormous slides hidden on the mountain 😉


    1. Els Encants: no, we do not mean the charm that Barcelona has (that too) but the Encants market, where you can find bargains and all kinds of antiques; it is close to the Las Glories Shopping Centre, another newly renovated mall that is really well worth the visit.




    How about it thelofttowner? This afternoon we are going on a tour to see things to do in Barcelona!

  • The university professors you will have during your degree or master’s, like it or not


    University is a change, that is clear, but there is a common factor which is repeated in all of them, and that is the profiles of university professors. If this is your first year you may not yet be able to make an overall assessment: you have not had them or even may not know them enough or, because you are now entering the second semester, but those who are already veterans can confirm it for you. Let’s see those profiles of professors that are repeated in each university 😉


    1. The model: needs no introduction, this is the young teacher who unfortunately only goes to teach a couple of weeks, as a substitute or just to give a final touch and extend the concepts of the subject that you’re being given.


    1. The one who doesn’t get the students’ liking: yes guys, there’s always a teacher willing to ask for the first part of the final project (not literally) for the same week as you have final exams, and they are like that: they like to torture students.


    1. The one who explains too fast: they always appear and the worst thing is that they are completely aware that they speak too fast. Maybe before you start the class they remind you to stop them if they speak too fast… but even so, these classes are often competitions of who’s able to take notes faster, forgetting nothing: because they don’t put the Power Points on the website 😉


    1. The funny one: the profile known by students as the one who makes jokes without sense and without any humour; his intention is good but you don’t end up getting everything.


    1. The example: the teacher who remains in the memory of all the students, who gets more than 40% of students to attend class and gets them motivated, and who in the future you keep in contact with.




    How many have you had? Comment on our post! Surely you have a name for each type 😉

  • When I grow up I want to be… 4 things that we wanted to be when we were grown up

    We have all said that mythical expression “when I grow up I want to be” and now, studying at university, living away from home and starting a future path, is when we take a look back and think nostalgically of what you dreamed of being. Shall we remember together?


    • Fire fighter / Police officer: it didn’t matter, what we wanted was to be part of those heroes who fought against the bad guys and beat them. We loved playing cops and robbers, imagining the patrol car with the siren, which led to long afternoons in the park playing at being grown up. And who didn’t?




    • Magician: Harry Potter influenced our childhood in a way that many of us hoped at some point for the arrival of the letter from Hogwarts to form part of the fabulous world of magic. How many memories come to mind, truly? And surely you tried to move some object with the spell wingardium leviosa.




    • Teacher: This is a “when I grow up I want to be” that surely some of you have fulfilled and for that reason we congratulate you. Our teachers instilled us with knowledge and encouraged us to follow our dreams. Who does not remember them?




    • Vet / Marine biologist / Zoo keeper: If there were animals you wanted to work there, and probably decided it after visiting the zoo, aquarium or seeing a Disney movie like Nemo or Tarzan, right? And who didn’t! We have all at one time cared for a little sick street animal.




    Have you fulfilled your dream thelofttowner? Let us tell you that if you’re with us it is because you are building your professional future, so we couldn’t be more pleased, but always remember the “when I grow up I want to be”.

  • The 10 stages of exam preparation that we all go through

    For those who are in exam preparation for the change of semester… we tell you that this is your post. Preparing for an exam is not an easy thing, if you dedicate too much time you hate it, and if you dedicate too little you feel guilty; these are the ten stages of exam preparation that we have all gone through.




    • THERE IS STILL A LONG TIME: you think that two weeks is a long time to study and you keep putting it to one side until the time comes.
    • I SHOULD START: your friends begin to prepare for the exam and to talk about it.
    • THE WEATHER’S TOO NICE TO STUDY: I’ll go out a while to take advantage of the sun.
    • I SHOULD HAVE FOLLOWED THE SCHEDULE THAT I MADE: it is already getting late.
    • HAVE YOU STARTED TO STUDY? A self motivating sentence for those friends that are doing worse than you.
    • I’M GOING TO FAIL: the sentence with which you start to study, you have little time and much to revise.
    • THEY ARE JUST EXAMS: you think you can narrowly pass with what you’ve studied.
    • CAN I GET OUT OF THE CAVE AND GET MY SOCIAL LIFE BACK? You have been locked up in your room studying and your friends could have got married without you knowing it.
    • FREEDOM: that’s it! You are completely free and your worries have gone until the next exams.


    exam preparation


    Who feels identified? Be encouraged in your studies, thelofttowners, we are here to help you in everything 😉  You have all the classrooms you need at your disposal:  individual rooms, group rooms, work rooms… we want the best for you. Carry on like this and you will succeed.

  • Back to studies: 4 ways to make it less difficult

    After the holidays the dreaded back to studies and routine arrives, which means “picking up the pace again” and we know that this is very difficult, but we have to get down to it because some of you have final exams in January and February and we want to help you pass them successfully; so, thelofttowners, here are our recommendations.


    1. Start your routine in advance: sure, during these holidays you’ve gone to bed at a time close to dawn; what we recommend is that a week before going back to studies you start preparing your body. So go to sleep at a reasonable time and get up early so getting back into the routine won’t be so tiresome.


    1. Prepare the night before: it is very important to leave everything ready in the evening, and when we say everything we mean everything: clothes, backpack, homework, notes… so in the morning you won’t have to worry about anything and can even sleep a little more.


    1. Breakfast. Seriously: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and although you think that you have already eaten enough, that premise does not apply to breakfast. It is the meal that will give you energy for the whole day.


    1. Plan your timetable: know when the new classes begin (remember that you are changing your semester, and if you haven’t done it yet this advice will help you later) where they are taught, which teacher you are going to do them with, and think about the classmates who go to the same classes as you, they are a good support not to get lost on the first day.


    back to study


    Are you ready? Then on with the new semester.

  • 5 signs that indicate you are ready to study abroad

    To study abroad is one of the ambitions of any university or other type of student; it is an experience that many want to have, and there are some signs that announce that you are now ready to study abroad. Do you want to know if you’re one of them?


    Are you ready?

    • You have a strong obsession with the movies, series, and music of the country: if you’re feeling like that, it is because you’re ready to pack and travel.
    • You dream in another language: it could be that you master that language and this is a quality that few have, but when you are well prepared to study abroad, the language finds a way of sneaking into your dreams.
    •  You love the food of that country: food is one of the few things that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country, and it is because the food is coated with the traditions and know-how of your future destination.
    • Everyone knows your plans to study abroad: and it is because you can’t talk of anything else, trivia, historical data, emblematic buildings… You already even know which excursions and visits that you will make 😉
    • Your room gives you away: you decorate the room with posters, banners, details… everything that reminds you of that country so it is more than clear, you have to go to study abroad right now.


    study abroad


    Do you know what the best thing is when you study abroad? Meeting new people, new cultures, points of view, traditions… and we offer you the place where you can create the cradle of all your moments and memories during your stay. If you are an Erasmus student and your city destination is Barcelona, we offer you our hand to provide you with a complete 360 ° experience. Be a thelofttowner.

  • Harvard gives you the study skills for success

    And we are sharing them with you. You don’t get the opportunity every day to learn study skills from one of the best universities. Sometimes a lack of concentration, motivation or tiredness prevents us from studying at 100%, which is why Harvard University has got going, and has brought to light the study skills that all students should have:



    • Take notes by hand: it is becoming more normal for students to take notes on a support device, given its speed and perfect compression of the written words, but it is precisely taking notes by hand which helps us most at study time because by having to write you have to be more attentive and to reflect on what you are writing.
    • Organize your time and study various subjects at the same time: it seems impossible but if you study several subjects at the same time the exercise of alternating subjects favours the retention of the content.
    • Rest: the brain has to rest from the exhaustion that study causes, so if you organize yourself well (point number 2) you’ll have time to go out to clear your head and de-stress your thoughts so that new learning can enter.
    • Devote less time to reading: it is one of the study skills proposed by Harvard University where they recommend not wasting time re-reading , instead dedicating the time to recall.


    técnicas de estudio


    Studying, taking a degree and passing are the challenges that you are going to experience with us, but because we care for you, we are giving you all the keys that we have for you to attain success. Ultimately they will be your best years, think: a new city, new companions, a different lifestyle, away from your parents and with all the amenities you could want. Welcome to our family 😉

  • Some tips to come to study in Barcelona successfully

    Before coming to study in Barcelona, let us say that you have to have a list of everything you need to take, remember, ask… and this can sometimes cause stress and doubts. So for all our thelofttowners (and those who come to study in Barcelona) we leave you some guidelines that you must follow to enjoy your trip. Shall we do this?



    What should I take in my suitcase?

    Barcelona is a city with quite a pleasant climate so a variety of long sleeves, long trousers, t-shirts, some shorts, sneakers, boots, sandals and a coat will suffice.

    We recommend bringing a power converter and an adapter. It is something that we never thought about taking, and you will be eternally grateful for the recommendation 😉



    Do I have to register?

    Registration is mandatory for all the inhabitants of a city or town, so if you are coming to study in Barcelona and stay in our residence, it is required. It is a very quick procedure that is done through the Citizen Attention office.



    What can I do?

    Now it’s yours, see Barcelona as you had never imagined; in our blog we have brought to light some secret corners of Barcelona. Take a look 😉



    I don’t want to go back!

    Us neither 🙁  so don’t lose contact because you will always be a thelofttowner. On returning to your home (if you are coming to study in Barcelona by ERASMUS) you have to make sure that you validate you credits.


    study in Barcelona


    We are determined to respond to all questions that you may have to make your trip to Barcelona as enjoyable and unchaotic as possible; think that you are coming to know your future 😉

  • You want to study in Spain ? You have to know this first

    Welcome one day more to our blog. Last week we dedicated the issue to talking about the benefits of studying tourism in Barcelona. Today we take the lens a little further back and roll out the map to reveal to you the real reasons why the best decision you can take is to study in Spain. So let’s do this!

    • Academic destination par excellence: Spain is one of the academic destinations par excellence thanks to international recognition and infrastructure of universities that includes spacious campuses with facilities for students such as libraries, research centers, sports areas and residences areas for students among others.
    • Variety of academic offer: If you decide to study in Spain you will have a wide academic offer which includes undergraduate and graduate studies from all disciplines; also students usually focus class examples on real success stories, attend talks and open days that help them to enter the world of work.
    • Lifestyle: where there are universities there is student life, and that’s what we love. In Spain all corners are filled with students eager to begin building their future and fill it with experiences that begin now; and residences for students are there to support your personal growth years.

    To study in Spain is one of the best options to shape your future, and is corroborated by the crowds of university students who come from all over the world each year to pursue their degree here.


    study in spain

    If you are thinking of studying out of your country or away from your home, do not forget that one of the most important aspects in this new stage is the choice of accommodation, since this can make your stay a wonderful experience; but if you don’t choose well it can harm you very negatively. We recommend that you stay in a student residence and we invite you to know The Lofttown because it is the newest and most different from all the others in Barcelona.