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  • STAY HOME in Xior The Lofttown

    Due to the recent curfew decree in Catalonia, Xior The Lofttown will follow all the protocols and indications established by Generalitat de Catalunya.

    A curfew establishes the prohibition or restriction, established by governmental institutions of Catalonia, to circulate freely through the streets of the city or to remain in public places, with the inhabitants remaining only in their homes except in cases of necessity or urgency.

    For this reason, all common areas of this residence Xior The Lofttown will remain closed from 22:00h until 06:00h. Any space of the residence, except residents rooms, are considered a common area. All residents must stay inside their rooms during the curfew Schedule, it is mandatory for all.

    For you, for your colleagues, for the global health 🙂

    Xior The Lofttown Team