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  • What are the best universities in Barcelona?

    Pompeu Fabra University, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona led the ranking of best universities in Barcelona and Spain in 2016, according to the report prepared by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research and BBVA. In it, a total of 61 Spanish universities were assessed and indicators were taken into account such as their teaching activities, research, innovation and technological development.

    If you are looking for universities in Barcelona it means that you are going to begin a new life here in the city during your university time. So today we are giving you help on what you have to keep in mind to organize your accommodation if you are going to study away from home.

    universities in Barcelona

    Where are you going to live while you study?

    The first thing to look for is a place to stay. The city offers several options for students, from renting a flat or a room to staying in a university dorm. The best option for a student is a university residence, for three simple reasons:

    • You live with other students, who you will have many things in common with, and you will be in the same situation.
    • You have all the comforts of home and everything included for one price.
    • And it is one of the safest options, since you have all the professionals to help you in everything you need and for any problem; and, in addition, facilities are equipped with security systems.

    Formalities to carry out

    Some countries require a Student Visa. Look for an agency or information office for foreign students to help you in that process.

    You have to be covered by health insurance during your stay abroad.

    For stays of more than 3 months, it is possible that you may have to obtain a residence permit, in addition to the visa.

    And finally, two small great tips. Arrive a few days earlier; and take something from your room to put it in your new home. It will help you to feel close to you and yours.