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  • Gap year: 4 reasons to do it


    Some of you may ask, what is a gap year? Very briefly, it would be the period before during or after university when you decide to go away for a time to work, do an internship, study a language… and we believe that it is one of the best experiences you can have during your university years; and we are going to give you 4 good reasons that will make you catch a plane tomorrow to take a gap year.




    • Improve your performance: and we put it as the first choice because it is believed that “taking a sabbatical” implies a disengagement and delay in studies, but it is not so: returning home after a gap year makes you more independent, more responsible and more eager to continue with your studies, so… think about it well 😉


    • Improve your chances of incorporation to the workplace: putting on your CV that you’ve been a year abroad educating yourself, apart from the degree, is a specification that you cannot overlook, and for sure there are many companies that will be interested in your profile. So if you have the chance, don’t lose it.


    • Improve your linguistic mastery: If you go to a country with a foreign language, one of the best achievements that you are going to take away will be a mastery of the language, the ease of being able to hold a conversation, and the amount of things that you will learn. This is not taught in a school 😉


    • You will have a really good time: it will be the experience that everyone says changes you, and it will: you’ll be out of your home environment, meet new people, cultures, meals, parties, places, feelings… It cannot be measured with words; you have to experience it for yourself.




    How do you see it? We, as a student residence, would like you to want to live this experience of the gap year with us; in Barcelona you will find many of the things you were looking for, and others that simply appear. Come, we are waiting 😉

  • Are you thinking of going to study abroad? We leave you 3 good reasons to do it

    Studying outside is an opportunity you can not miss, and we tell you why.


    One of the aspirations of students is to go to school abroad, sometimes it can be complicated by the doubts that appear, first of all we tell you that studying abroad is one of the best things you will do during your university life, especially if you decide come to study in Barcelona, if you keep reading us, we will take all the doubts you may have, will we start?




    • You will be more independent: this is the main reason and most importantly, independence and knowing how to get up is only the first thing you will learn, wherever you go you will be alone at the beginning and you will have to know how to move and ask. It has all happened to us!


    • You make new friendships: another of the advantages of studying abroad is that you will make many friends and probably from different parts of the world, who knows, maybe in the future you can visit them and you have a home assured wherever you are live;)


    • You will learn to have a routine: put the washing machine, bring your tasks up to date, go to make the purchase, go out with your friends, clean … they are actions that you will include to your agenda, from now on there will be nobody to do these tasks for you




    But do you know what is the best of all this? That studying abroad will give you the best years of your life and also the best stories: you will try extraordinary dishes, you will make brilliant friendships, you will go to some of the craziest parties and above all, you will fill your backpack with experiences and personal growth, so Are you ready to take this leap? We wait for you below to catch you;)

  • 10 things to do in Barcelona before dying


    We tell you all the things to do in Barcelona


    The situation could be summarized in this way: you’ve arranged to meet this afternoon with other thelofttowners and you do not know the things to do in Barcelona because, let’s say, you have already visited the most touristic places, (we refer to the Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló…). Well then, today we share with you some ideal places that you can enjoy in the fantastic city of Barcelona in good company. Shall we start?


    1. Icebar: is it time to feel even colder still? Icebar is a bar located in Barceloneta made entirely of ice, which leads to this bar being at an average temperature of -18º, but it is worth it! Being made entirely of ice, you can enjoy a full Siberian experience. Who dares to enter?


    1. Hidden swimming pools in the middle of the Eixample: yes, it is possible and in fact has a name: the gardens of the Torre de les Aigües, which host the precious and well known beach of the Eixample. They are the first of the Cerdà inner courtyards that were restored for public use. This swimming pool is open only in the summer months. Shall we see each other there?


    1. The Montjuïc cable car: visit the city of Barcelona from a bird’s-eye view, to reach the mythical mountain which houses one of the best museums of art in Catalunya, MNAC; but if art is not your thing, we challenge you to find the enormous slides hidden on the mountain 😉


    1. Els Encants: no, we do not mean the charm that Barcelona has (that too) but the Encants market, where you can find bargains and all kinds of antiques; it is close to the Las Glories Shopping Centre, another newly renovated mall that is really well worth the visit.




    How about it thelofttowner? This afternoon we are going on a tour to see things to do in Barcelona!

  • Our dream come true! We already have here The Lofttown university hall of residence!

    After all these months of hard work every day to make one of our biggest dreams come true… The great moment has arrived! The day on which every effort is reflected. The day on which we see all doubts overcome, the headaches, the long nights working with hope to reach the end. The day on which our The Lofttown university hall of residence ceases to be a project and becomes a reality. Yes, this July 1 is THE DAY.

    This Saturday we are opening the doors of our The Lofttown university hall of residence. Welcome students! You who have chosen our residence, Hello Barcelona!, we are proud to be an offer of accommodation for students in the city different from all others with our biosustainable philosophy; and, finally, thanks to all those who have participated in the construction and development of the residence. A toast to all! Because today we are celebrating.


    The Lofttown university hall of residence

    The Lofttowners! Don’t miss any corner of the residence. We have thought of everything so you can have the best place to study and live, the best environment to relax and enjoy with your new friends and a team dedicated to you who will assist you with everything you need. In addition, from The Lofttown we will suggest thousands of activities to make your stay in Barcelona a dream and make sure you have a great time. Remember that in The Lofttown you have fully equipped rooms, 1,200 m2 of common areas containing study rooms, group work rooms , terraces, fitness center, restaurant and cafeteria, parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles and electric parking, leisure and cinema rooms,… You won’t lack anything at all.

    residencia universitaria The Lofttown


    We are proud of this very exciting and necessary project for the city of Barcelona, where we are committed to the university community and which has had an excellent reception and response. Thank you.

  • What is better for my son or daughter, a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat?

    If the moment has arrived for your child to leave home to go to university (because it is far away from home), it is possible that you will have to make important decisions that are going to cause a few headaches.

    Between everything that you will have to decide, one of the things that most worries you, without a doubt, is the choice of accommodation for your child during this time at university. Facing this universal dilemma, you will wonder which the best option is: a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat. Making the wrong choice of accommodation could result in torture for both parents and children.

    The comfort and features that a university hall of residence in Barcelona offers is one of the determining factors that makes the university hall of residence in Barcelona one of the most demanded options. What the residence offers is that your child, who has recently arrived in the city, won’t be alone. They will share the same experience together with other students, they will make new friends with those living in the same residence as well as in their leisure time, and what is more, they will always have the residence professionals at hand for all their needs. This option is like them living independently in their own flat but with all the comfort of living in a “hotel”, with the assurance of being in a secure place with the protection of people that are especially dedicated to them, and whose job consists of making life easy and comfortable for the students.


    university hall of residence

    We still have more to help you decide. From all of the university halls of residence, why The Lofttown?

    1. It is a new concept in university accommodation designed so that the students live happily and with maximum comfort, and so that the parents can have peace of mind regarding the security and services that we offer.
    2. Because it is newly-constructed, your child will use the facilities for the first time. Everything has been carefully designed and thought-out in order to be the best accommodation choice in terms of comfort.
    3. Because we offer a close and personal service, and because we will take care of them as if they were at home, just as you would.

    Call us and we will explain all the details: 686932017. Welcome to The Lofttown!