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  • 6 places to go out to party in Barcelona

    Go out to party in Barcelona, or the best discotheques that you have to visit

    We know it, the moment has come. Returning to the routine to see your friends, thelofttowners who spent their holidays away, to smell your room; and… What is most commented by Whatsapp? “We have to go out to party”. You know it, we know it, your friends know it and even the streetlamp in front of our student residence knows it. You’re going to go out to party when you meet up again and you’re going to be into it. Watch out for the excesses that you already know are the worst of the worst (we are sorry but our maternal vein comes out at seeing you go out to party, and we don’t want anything to happen to you).

    It’s for this reason that before you get dressed to go to commemorate the return to routine, we want to share with you the best places to go out to party in Barcelona and many other things that we think are going to interest you very much. But as we don’t want to give anything away, we will leave you now with all the hype so that you keep reading and make a list of the Barcelona pubs where you’ll be able to have some party. Shall we get on with it?

    1. Apolo

    Sala Apolo, one of the most mythical discotheques to go out to party Gothic neighbourhood Barcelona and one that personally brings back many memories. We won’t find the old folks, right? In no way; in fact it’s one of the favourite discotheques to go out to party during the week for young people, since every day there is a different theme: we go from the dj’s to the all-time hits, to reggae nights and the memorable nasty Mondays (what memories). Well then, if what you want is to have a good time with friends, in a mythical environment in Barcelona with a wide offer of bars to have a drink before going in, or for dinner, you cannot discount this option from your list. We’ve already said ours, now it’s your turn to say, but to make it even a bit more difficult, we’ll say that we have even more options to choose from and here comes one of our top ones.

    2. Sala Razzmataz

    Amen brother, we don’t have any better way to introduce this spectacular polyvalent nightclub, since we can not only find a discotheque, but also a stage for the best music groups of the moment; it would be a bit like you went to Palau Sant Jordi but on a smaller scale. If what you want is to go out in Barcelona free, don’t put this discotheque on your list, you can’t even consider this option; but they do offer discount flyers until a certain time of night, so if you want the ticket to work out more economical try to buy it in advance (if you’re already clear that you’re going to go there) or get a discount flyer by Internet; it couldn’t be more crystal clear.

    If you intention is to go out to party Barcelona 2019 and be into it, without doubt you have to visit this discotheque, it’s one of the biggest in Barcelona to say nothing else. With a total capacity of 3,300 people, it has five internal rooms with different types of music in each of them, a very big exterior area on three levels, various bar counters distributed in the entire discotheque so you always have something to drink, and big and separate bathroom areas.

    We’ll talk about the surroundings, in the same area, without going very far, we’ll find many bar options (airbar) where you can quietly have a drink before going into the disco, some of those bars are: D9 or L’Ovella Negra.

    Without room for any doubt, Marina is one of the best neighbourhoods to go out to party in Barcelona. We’re talking about a quiet area of homes and hotels, in the heart of the most technological Barcelona since you find yourself in the district 22@, for which reason we shouldn’t be surprised by the incredible glass buildings around Razzmatazz, for which reason we are talking about a safe area.

    3. BlingBling

    It is described as the club which has changed the night in Barcelona, and we’re talking about a club a bit different, since the rooms are not characterised by the dj’s but rather for having sofas and places where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail drink and really enjoy listening to music.

    Inside BlingBling, we find three differentiated rooms: Main Room, which would be the party room, VIP Room, a private space within the Main Room, and the private area, a place equipped with comfortable sofas and centre tables where you can enjoy a more relaxed leisure while you listen to music with pleasure.

    From this discotheque we highlight the exclusivity, the design and the decoration. It’s one of the best places to go out to party in Catalonia, no longer only in Barcelona as it would be defined as one of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona with party rooms. Do you want to spend a different night?

    4. Sutton

    We move to another club to go out to party in Barcelona, although we are also talking about a club like BlingBling; we are talking about a discotheque in the high status area of Barcelona, defined as the fashionable disco of the city. An infinity of known artists and DJs have been within its walls and they have carried out some of the best parties in Barcelona.

    If what you fancy is to be in a more relaxed environment, without crowds, being able to enjoy the music and your friends, we 100% recommend this disco as it’s made for you. However, bear in mind the type of party that they are doing, since there are some which allow 40-year-old people in, and you might find yourself a little bit out of place. Look on their webpage for the next events and choose well.


    5. Moog

    This disco to go out to party Barcelona we define in four words: an electronic music room. As easy and quick as that; if nothing that we have shared until now is good for you, if you like electronic music much more, and you want to enjoy a night where they only play this music, then this is your place. In the heart of the Raval (one of the most mythical neighbourhoods in Barcelona) you can find this little temple to electronic music, and we don’t want to say much more. We want you to find it out for yourself and give words to the experience. We only want to ask you that when you go, tell us in this blog how it was for you, and yes, you have been too! This way you will help other Thelofttowners to take a decision.

    All the options to get around Barcelona Get around Barcelona as you want. Here we tell you all the options to get around Barcelona.

    5. La Fira

    From the exclusive parties in Barcelona we move on to popular parties and in this case we’re talking about La Fira, one of the most popular discos among students; there is a list on Thursdays and, as you well know, Thursdays are university nights. What are we going to find in La Fira Group? Fashionable music, reggaeton, Latin and hits. So that you can spend the best night of your life if this is the style that you most go for. As you can check, all and each of the discos that we have shared have different styles of music, so you’ll have to do come to an agreement with your group so that you can enjoy the Barcelona nightlife leisure together.

    6. Bar Mariatchi

    I’m sorry, but I want something quieter, to go out with friends without so much partying. This is what Bar Mariatchi is like; it is a bar within Barcelona with a touch more, the something in the atmosphere which makes it special in the eyes of the entire world and makes it into the meeting place for friends’ gatherings, dates… A place to have a good time, open during the night; and it closes at 2.30 in the morning except on Fridays, which are extended until 3:00.

    Have you got it all? Don’t worry if you can’t be bothered to explain everything that we have said to your friends, you can do a screenshot of each one of the places so that you all come together on the plan, got it? Well it only remains for us to say that we are very lucky to be in a student residence in the centre of Barcelona, and are able to offer a multitude of places to go out to party in Barcelona that we know. There are more exclusive ones as well, for example the disco of the Hotel W, but to go out with friends after having not seen each other during all of the summer, we believe that the options we have put forward are going to suit you better. Right?

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  • The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    Your life will change completely; you will leave behind your family home to stay at a new location in a university residence Barcelona that in no time at all will become your small refuge. Thousands of sensations overwhelm you: nerves, dreams, fears of finding yourself alone, a mix of all of these but the balance is very positive and you feel that you like it, right? Follow these two tips and feel safe and happy from the first day.



    Lots of students like you are in your same situation, so let’s go! All you should worry about is the experience, live it! Leave behind all the fears that come up to distract us. Just savor positive emotions that the new life brings to you. And you’ll see how everything flows and everything works out great. Because between study and study you’ll find dinner with new friends, meals, travel, parties, every day luxuries like going to the cinema or theatre… do not miss any plan. Say yes to everything and enjoy the new situation. Our university residence Barcelona will help you to make friends and build your new home faster.



    Relax and unwind. The first few days tend to be stressful, so our second great tip to successfully face this new stage is to relax. You will love your new college life but at the beginning it is normal to get nerves because it is very different from everything so far.


    The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    These two simple tips will help you adapt in a few days. You just have to relax and join everything to meet people 😉 also, you know, in The Lofttown, we are at your side for everything. You are not alone!