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  • What are student meals like? We reveal it all to you

    Known worldwide as the student diet, student meals are basically canned food, prefabricated dishes and leftovers from the previous day, right? Thelofttown revolutionizes the world of student meals and offers something that you’ll want (and a lot). Does it arouse your curiosity?




    Just don’t say that the food in a student apartment is blessed gold; each one has their space in the fridge and THEIR food, which is not shared with anyone; and that kind of food is not usually very healthy or varied: pasta, hamburgers, pizza, biscuits and chocolates is what we find in abundance. So, what student meals will you find in a student residence? Specifically in ours: Thelofttown, because we are going to see, right?


    • A buffet: take all you want and repeat whenever you wish, our buffet offers fresh, healthy, varied local produce.


    • For curious palates: we offer produce from other countries in the world so that you can try everything, also our menus will vary so you’ll not always eat the same thing, but you will eat in the same way: enjoyable and balanced (and delicious).


    • A high-class restaurant: Thelofttown has a dining area to make you feel comfortable to enjoy your meal, so you can arrange right away with the other thelofttowners to enjoy our fresh diets, grilled dishes, without fats, home-made desserts… Our mouths are already watering.




    Future thelofttowner who is reading us, we have something to tell you: we are your next adventure in Barcelona. As a student residence we want you to become part of our family so that we can take care of you in the most important academic years of your life. Shall we start?

  • What is it like living in a student residence? We reveal it to you

    If you wonder what it is like living in a student residence, it is because you are thinking of going to live in one of them: CONGRATULATIONS! You have just found your residence in Barcelona, and we’re going to tell you the reason why.




    • A family: our residents, known as thelofttowners, are our engine, together we are one big family that we could not do without.


    • We care for you: as your parents would, we give you everything you need to live very comfortably: facilities to your liking, study rooms, buffet restaurant (we’ll talk about this wonder in a moment), cinema room, room areas with private access, and rooms with kitchen and terrace and… our parties!


    • The cuisine: we cook local produce and what you don’t eat will be earmarked for soup kitchens in our city. We are totally respectful with the environment and our facilities have been created like that, and you know what? If you wish you can visit the farms where the buffet produce comes from 😉


    • The experience: something that cannot be described, living in a student residence is vitality, energy, laughs, good times, company, parties, games, meals, work… We could summarize that living in a student residence is life, a life that you can’t miss.




    And that said, dear reader, we would love you to visit our website so that you can also enter part of “this”, what is called a family, which we share together. We want to know your motivations, your studies, your goals; we care about you and are going to care for you (our word). We are waiting with open arms.

  • How does your university life change from the first to the last year?

    We are not the same; that is the first thing we say to you, university life can change in many ways and the main thing that we change is our way of being. Hazing, parties, classes, your friends from the beginning… Shall we look together?




    • Class: your ‘ME’ of the first year is applied, answers the questions in class, participates, and sits in the first row (Yes! In the front row). Your ‘ME’ of the last year no longer knows what topic is covered in class and if one day you decide to go to class, you stay looking at the wall. Is it like that or not? 😉


    • With colleagues: your ‘ME’ of the first year will want to know everyone, become friends with everyone and not rule out anyone, while your ‘ME’ of the last year already has a group of friends formed and will not interact with anyone else.


    • Work: your ‘ME’ of the first year will begin super-motivated with the tasks, you’ll want to stand out and go beyond, be able to do images, creative titles, home pages at the level of an advertising festival and even add comments at the bottom of the page. While your ‘ME’ of the past year will do the work on the last day and your biggest obstacle will be the dreaded final project.


    • Outfits: girls and boys, we are talking about style: your ‘ME’ of the first year will go to the university as if it were the 080, while your ‘ME’ of the last year will grab the first thing you find in the wardrobe to go ‘OK’, and if we are at exam time, forget the makeup.




    Do you feel identified? We want to know what stage you find yourselves at. We hope to have brought out a small smile with this post. We love you thelofttowners.

  • The app tools for students that will help you conquer university



    Sometimes university is not easy and even less with so much work, and projects that have to be handed in; as sometimes we see you a little overwhelmed and worried, we have decided to look into tools for students and help you a little. You may know some of them already but… we are sharing them with you anyway 😉



    • Google Drive: one of the most “popular” Google platforms, where you can share documents online, so you can create a workspace and invite your entire work group so that each one can do their part online.


    • Canva: Canva is a free online platform with which, from some templates, you can create incredible designs, from CVs, presentations, posters, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Facebook home pages, A4… everything!


    • Trello: it is ideal to create panels and share them. One of the things you can do is to create three columns, with the tasks you have to do, which are being done and which are completed; the second step is to invite your mates to join in.


    • Slack: it is like a group chat, you can exchange documents, and you can also send live messages… everything you need!


    • Mendeley: if you do not know… let us tell you that we have discovered something great. Mendeley is an application that (get this) creates bibliographies with APA (and others) only by dragging the online document onto your home page. Just as you hear it. 


    • VMock: this platform creates instant comments on your improvement plan. The first review is free.




    What do you think our tools for students? We want to know!

  • If you wonder where to live in Barcelona… we have the answer

    And that is clearly in TheLofttown! Do you know what we are talking to you about? We are not a residence, we are your residence. And we’re going to give four good reasons, which answer this question:


    1. Eco-consciousness: we are a new construction residence that has been built with the latest technological processes and with the least environmental impact, which makes us a fully biosustainable building, and our facilities are brand new.


    1. More than a residence: we create a lifestyle, our residents: the thelofttowners become a family passionate to learn, impatient for success, who live, who dream, who have high aspirations; and we have the great privilege of accompanying all and each of them on their way. We are here for you.


    1. A unique cuisine: under the famous Mediterranean diet we have taken our philosophy of commitment to the kitchen, so that each and every one of the foods that we serve at our buffet is 100% of organic origin, and everything that you do not eat will be sent to soup kitchens in our city.


    1. The facilities you need: always thinking about you and your needs, we have equipped our residence with everything you need, so you can enjoy a quiet afternoon playing or watching TV shows in our multipurpose room, studying with your group in our group rooms or relaxing quietly on our outdoor terrace. Do you like doing sport? Don’t worry: we have our own, private gym just for you 😉



    What do you think: are we or are we not your residence? Where to live in Barcelona translates into two words: TheLofttown. Come see us and learn everything you want to know, also you can follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

    Have a good day!

  • The university professors you will have during your degree or master’s, like it or not


    University is a change, that is clear, but there is a common factor which is repeated in all of them, and that is the profiles of university professors. If this is your first year you may not yet be able to make an overall assessment: you have not had them or even may not know them enough or, because you are now entering the second semester, but those who are already veterans can confirm it for you. Let’s see those profiles of professors that are repeated in each university 😉


    1. The model: needs no introduction, this is the young teacher who unfortunately only goes to teach a couple of weeks, as a substitute or just to give a final touch and extend the concepts of the subject that you’re being given.


    1. The one who doesn’t get the students’ liking: yes guys, there’s always a teacher willing to ask for the first part of the final project (not literally) for the same week as you have final exams, and they are like that: they like to torture students.


    1. The one who explains too fast: they always appear and the worst thing is that they are completely aware that they speak too fast. Maybe before you start the class they remind you to stop them if they speak too fast… but even so, these classes are often competitions of who’s able to take notes faster, forgetting nothing: because they don’t put the Power Points on the website 😉


    1. The funny one: the profile known by students as the one who makes jokes without sense and without any humour; his intention is good but you don’t end up getting everything.


    1. The example: the teacher who remains in the memory of all the students, who gets more than 40% of students to attend class and gets them motivated, and who in the future you keep in contact with.




    How many have you had? Comment on our post! Surely you have a name for each type 😉

  • When I grow up I want to be… 4 things that we wanted to be when we were grown up

    We have all said that mythical expression “when I grow up I want to be” and now, studying at university, living away from home and starting a future path, is when we take a look back and think nostalgically of what you dreamed of being. Shall we remember together?


    • Fire fighter / Police officer: it didn’t matter, what we wanted was to be part of those heroes who fought against the bad guys and beat them. We loved playing cops and robbers, imagining the patrol car with the siren, which led to long afternoons in the park playing at being grown up. And who didn’t?




    • Magician: Harry Potter influenced our childhood in a way that many of us hoped at some point for the arrival of the letter from Hogwarts to form part of the fabulous world of magic. How many memories come to mind, truly? And surely you tried to move some object with the spell wingardium leviosa.




    • Teacher: This is a “when I grow up I want to be” that surely some of you have fulfilled and for that reason we congratulate you. Our teachers instilled us with knowledge and encouraged us to follow our dreams. Who does not remember them?




    • Vet / Marine biologist / Zoo keeper: If there were animals you wanted to work there, and probably decided it after visiting the zoo, aquarium or seeing a Disney movie like Nemo or Tarzan, right? And who didn’t! We have all at one time cared for a little sick street animal.




    Have you fulfilled your dream thelofttowner? Let us tell you that if you’re with us it is because you are building your professional future, so we couldn’t be more pleased, but always remember the “when I grow up I want to be”.

  • The 5 common student profiles in a university residence

    Welcome, thelofttowners, one more day to our blog, now that we are at the gates of a new course full of unforgettable experiences; and to get things going, today what we bring is a slightly different post. Do you want to know your fellow students in the residence before you know who they are? Yes, it is possible because you will always find these student profiles in a university residence. Which one are you?


    student profiles in a university residence


    • The one who always talks to their mother: only your fellow students in a university residence know how many times a day you need to talk with your mother; you will meet people in this new stage, but your parents will undoubtedly be the most important point of support at this time.
    • The one who doesn’t leave their room: neither films, nor crazy plans, nor the brightest sun in these last 10 years will move you from your room. Sometimes we all want to have a peaceful evening after having spent a sleepless night and to enjoy quiet moments in our rooms at The Lofttown, but when this happens very often… these student profiles appear.
    • The one who is always cleaning: the wardrobe, the bathroom, the library, including the common rooms, where they leave it impeccable when they pass; and they can’t stop. These types of student profiles in a university residence are the ones you see always picking up everything they find J.
    • The one on a diet: you are always always always going to find someone who wants to be on a diet but never manages it, and it’s just that hamburgers are… always irresistible.
    • The one who likes coffees: shall we talk about it over a coffee? It will be the most common sentence from these types of student profiles in a university residence; they are going to want to talk about everything, having a cup of coffee: work, subjects, future plans or just to spend the afternoon. In the student community they are often called “those in the bar”



    Now you already know what your fellow students in the residence will be like 😉 Welcome to your future!

  • The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    Your life will change completely; you will leave behind your family home to stay at a new location in a university residence Barcelona that in no time at all will become your small refuge. Thousands of sensations overwhelm you: nerves, dreams, fears of finding yourself alone, a mix of all of these but the balance is very positive and you feel that you like it, right? Follow these two tips and feel safe and happy from the first day.



    Lots of students like you are in your same situation, so let’s go! All you should worry about is the experience, live it! Leave behind all the fears that come up to distract us. Just savor positive emotions that the new life brings to you. And you’ll see how everything flows and everything works out great. Because between study and study you’ll find dinner with new friends, meals, travel, parties, every day luxuries like going to the cinema or theatre… do not miss any plan. Say yes to everything and enjoy the new situation. Our university residence Barcelona will help you to make friends and build your new home faster.



    Relax and unwind. The first few days tend to be stressful, so our second great tip to successfully face this new stage is to relax. You will love your new college life but at the beginning it is normal to get nerves because it is very different from everything so far.


    The two tips that you must follow if it is your first year in a university residence Barcelona

    These two simple tips will help you adapt in a few days. You just have to relax and join everything to meet people 😉 also, you know, in The Lofttown, we are at your side for everything. You are not alone!


  • What is life like in a university residence? All the things that will make you decide to live here

    Where am I going to live? This is one of the main concerns for all those of you that are going to study at university because it is far away from home, or, because you are going to go to another country. Today, in our post, we explain what life is like in a university residence, and this way you will see the advantages that this type of accommodation offers.

    You will study better!

    In a university residence there are only students, therefore, your way of working and studying will only get better given that you will be able to study with fellow students.

    Who said be afraid?

    In a university residence you will never be alone. There will always be someone to help you with everything you need, as much as with the things associated with the residence itself, as well as with personal issues. At The Lofttown, we have The Lofttowner, who is your personal assistant that will always be at hand to help you.

    You will fill your Smartphone agenda and your activity programme!

    You will get to know people from all around the world who you will never ever forget, you will have a thousand events to go to given that the residence itself creates a wide programme of activities. A great plan for this exciting stage of your life that is awaiting.

    The domestic chores will not occupy your study time, nor your fun time!

    In the student residence, everything is facilitated so that you can dedicate your time exclusively to your studies (and to having a good time in your deserved free time). You will not need to worry about making the bed, about washing the pile of towels… We take care of this as well!

    High speed Wi-Fi!

    We are sure that you will think this is cool. We have free Wi-Fi!


    university residence


    You will do sports and not alone!

    A residence for students cannot go without a gym. At The Lofttown, we have an outside CrossFit gym. If you already find running or a good fitness session restorative, imagine doing it with friends.

    Are you still not convinced? Living at a student residence is the best idea for those wonderful university years. We promise you. Don´t miss your place at The Lofttown! On top, this year, you will use the facilities for the first time. Everything is newly built, and everything is new.