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  • Do you really know what series to see? The essentials

    With the rise of Netflix, what series to see becomes a question that is supported by hours of reading about series and series that all seem interesting, and in the end we do not know which one to go with. To make this task easier, we’ve delved into the world of trends in Netflix to bring you today a selection of the best series so that you do not miss out 😉 and do you know what is best? That you can see them in our The Lofttown TV room with all your friends. Sorted!


    Maybe you won’t discover anything new, but at least you’ll know what series to see


    • The Walking Dead: one of the most vibrant series of the season, again on everyone’s lips after the premiere of season 8. If you have not seen it… you have many episodes to see before you get up-to-date; you can take advantage of the hours you spend in The Lofttown to get together a group of friends and see the episodes in the TV room.
    • Stranger Things: the vibrant companion comes to Netflix with the announcement of the second season. It seems to be the series that everyone knows about and you can’t be one less.
    • Game of Thrones: season after season this promises to be the centre of attention; let’s say that without it #winterisn’tcoming.
    • Vikings: the reason why you will want to call yourself Ragnar Lothbrok is only known by fans of this series. Another good series to share long evenings with friends in our bar.
    • Shameless: the daily life of a strange, a little dysfunctional and poor family has become one of the series of the season. Would you like to know why?




    We believe that 5 are enough to get started. On with the series marathon!