The best free plans for students in Barcelona

Everything you need to know to enjoy the most interesting free plans for students in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic city to enjoy at any time of the year. And, above all, the feeling of living here becomes a completely fascinating experience when you are a student and have all the availability and energy to make Barcelona a splendid place for your enjoyment.

To do this, in the Catalan capital there are many plans, of all kinds and for all tastes, that will make you enjoy Barcelona as you would never have imagined before. And, also, imagine if everything we tell you below is free. Sounds good right? Take note of our advice and we assure you that you will not regret it. With the onset of spring, the climate in Barcelona changes and you can see the joy and colors in the streets. For that reason, after a long academic year that will soon end, what you deserve the most is to have a good time and what better idea if you do it for free. Today at The Lofttown we will show you that you don’t need to have a special budget to have the most fun during your last weeks in Barcelona. Can you come with us?

Get to know the Sagrada Familia

We know that museums in Barcelona cost a lot in some cases when you are a student. However, there is the possibility of visiting them completely free and perhaps you did not know it. This is the case of the Sagrada Familia, an emblem of the city and of European architecture, since every Sunday of the year it is open to the public, completely free, during the celebration of the good morning masses. Of course, you will have to get up early to be able to arrive on time and take a square in the basilica, since there are many people who like you will have the same idea. Also keep in mind that the capacity is limited and that many faithful people, especially older adults, always come to Sunday mass as tradition dictates and it will not cost them anything to get up early before you.

Discover the Picasso Museum

One of those places that you have to visit during your stay in Barcelona, ​​yes or yes, is without a doubt the splendid Picasso Museum. Hence, it is one of the most important and most visited museums in all of Catalonia. For this reason, remember that if you go on Thursday afternoons from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., you will be able to access totally free and take a good bath of art with all the magnificent works that the great artist Pablo Picasso left as an inheritance to the city ​​during the time he lived in the Catalan capital.

Enjoy the free concerts

Although it is true that we still live within strong restrictions by the authorities due to Covid-19, Barcelona still has an interesting musical proposal for all tastes and, best of all, totally free. To do this, we recommend that you discover the cultural plans of the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​because they always organize some kind of musical show in the open air and with the respective security measures.

Take advantage of the neighborhood parties

Barcelona’s neighborhoods are the spirit of the city. And for this, popular festivals are the best way to fully integrate into Barcelona life as if you were part of its history. Our recommendation is that when summer arrives, be alert to all the cultural and leisure events organized by the most important neighborhoods such as Gracia, Santa, Poblenou, Barceloneta or Raval. We assure you that you will have complete fun and experience firsthand the most authentic traditions of the city.

Walk the beaches

There is no more fun and economical plan than going to the beaches of Barcelona. Here you can enjoy splendid experiences with friends, either sunbathing, doing sports and bathing along the Mediterranean Sea. And it is that in any of the beaches of Barcelona you will find all the atmosphere you need and with everything you need, between bars and restaurants, so that your spring and summer days are the best.

Excursions to the forest

If you are more about parks and forests, you have to know that Barcelona has several interesting options that will make you fully connect with nature. For example, just a few minutes from the city you have all the vegetation that Montjuic offers you, an ideal space to do sports outdoors or celebrate picnics with friends. On the other hand, if you like long walks more without many people around, about 20 minutes from the city by car or train, you can find the Collserola natural park, a fantastic option for nature lovers and where you can do long walks, yoga and meditation sessions, mountain biking or even barbecues with friends.

Outdoor cinema

Watching a movie has never been as safe and fun as the open-air cinema. In Barcelona you have the opportunity to enjoy good independent films of all time, either on Barceloneta beach or at Montjuic Castle. Both options are great if you are a lover of the seventh art. And best of all, completely free. You will only have to take care of the pica pica and the drinks. With this post today we hope you have learned much more about how to enjoy Barcelona for free. And remember that if you are determined to move to the Catalan capital, you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in Barcelona becomes a splendid experience that you will never forget in life.

We hope to see you in Barcelona soon and that you become a new #TheLoftowner!

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