Everything that you need to know to find the perfect Mountain to walk or make sports during this summer in Catalunya.

When the Summer’s holidays start not everybody wants enjoy the tranquility of the beach. For this reason, there are also people that prefer make sports in an environment motivating, natural and pleasant, especially outside the city. 

In this sense, nature is always able to providing us with a different experience and even more so if we have it at such short distances that could not have imagined.

So, it’s time that you know the best and safer routes in Catalunya to enjoy in the best way your Summer.

Today in The LoftTown we count you which are our 10 favorite mountains not to be missed. Here we go!

  • Montaña Salts i Gorgs del Torrent

Located by the famous Molí Vell D’ Hostalets de Bas, it’s a route circular mountain where the path begins and you can go by car because it’s easy find car parking.

The path is mostly uphill while you can appreciate “los saltos de l’Ansat”, “el salto de los Cristianos” y “el salto de l’Olla agua.

After that, upon arrival to the mountain source, the path continues going up to the area known as Grau d’Olot, it’s here where you will start to observe the big turns, also known as The Marrades.

At the end of the path, you will be able to relive the history of the year 1700, since La Mina dels Bandolers was the preferred area to be used as the Bandits hideout were dedicated to robbing those who they walked along this distant route.

  • Montaña Vallter, Pic de la Dona y Pic de Prat de Bacivers

When you start this route, you will find the parking of the Ski station of Vallter 2000. It’s a circular route at the beginning that later continues through the torrent that slowly descends through the Portell de Mentet.

It is noted that this path is easy and ideal for novice of mountains, since that it is one of the routes more marked thought the path, so getting lost is very difficult task. We remind you that the path usually ascending and has big zig-zag.

Also, in the middle of the path you can see incredible views of the Gra de Fajol Petit and the Gra de Fajol.

  • Montañas de Prades, Avencs y Avencots de La Febró

This is without doubts one of the best-known routes thanks to the great natural beauty that it possesses. It’s a mountain perfect to go with friends in relaxing mood, since it has a moderate difficulty and it also ha very little incline. For this reason, the excursionists that know well the area, recommend it for quiet walks with natural contact.

It is noted that the path that follows is marked in withe and with stones along that mark the route established so as not get lost.

Furthermore, during the entire route you can go down to 30 meters through the cracks, which is honestly very unusual on the majority of trails in Catalunya.

After that, the path goes through a cave that leads to a second part of the excursion, we refer to Prades, which is where the complete ascent to the Tossal de la Baltasana. We remind you that the route is around seven kilometers and can be enjoyed in aprox. Two and a half hours.

  • Montaña del Pedraforca

This is also one of the favorite mountains in Catalonia. And is that it also has a circular ascent and its beautiful nature it makes all the adventurers who travel the area fall in love at first sight.

In turn, there is the possibility of being able to ascend to the top of the Mountain; However, you can go on foot through the different paths that surround the mountain. The road starts from the same parking lot, where you will find a dense forest full of fine and high trees. It should be noted that the difficulty of this mountain is medium, especially during the descent.

  • Montagut Mountain and Puig Formigosa pel Grau del Pi de les Quatre Soques

For those looking for more than a walk, this route is perhaps the most complete. If you decide to go by car you can easily leave it in the parking lot from the church of Coll de Montagut. Then the path is not characterized by having a great unevenness, however in some areas the route may require you to use your hands to descend with greater comfort.

In general, the route of this route has a total of 15 kilometers and it is usually done in about three and a half hours. Once we started the way, you can enjoy wonderful views in the Pico de Montagut.

  • Aigüestortes Natural Park

This magnificent park is considered one of the 14 parks nationals of Spain and the only one in Catalonia. It’s located in the heart of the impressive Pyrenees and has all the ecosystems that the Catalan mountain possesses.

In the same way, some peaks exceed 3,000 meters and they vary between rivers, waterfalls, ravines and swamps. As data we inform you that it is open all year round and offers a dozen different routes to reach all the different peaks or walking trails.

  • Matagalls Mountain

One of the most beautiful peaks of the wonderful Montseny. Although it is a mountain that does not have great difficulty, that does have a greater unevenness at the beginning, something that can make the journey difficult for those people who are newbies.

The route begins in La Taula dels tres bisbes, named this way because it is the natural point that borders the three ancient zones of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Vic.

The excursion starts at Coll de Sant Marçal where you can park your car and once you reach the top you can enjoy a perfect panoramic.

We remind you that all the way is accompanied by a spectacular nature with huge forests and with a perfect signaling.

  • The Way of the Monks

This path is for many one of the most interesting excursions that is in the province of Barcelona. And it goes through several municipalities of the Vallés and also has a route of 25 kilometers. It is this is why most hikers around the world start their route in the Monastery of Sant Cugat and they go through the towns of Matadepera, Terrassa and Sant Quirze respectively.

Once we reach Terrassa the road increases in difficulty and unevenness, although a priori it should not mean a problem for the less experienced.

Here you can visit the monastery of Sant Llorenç which according to the legend, here a group of monks left for better lands to live thus arriving at Sant Cugat. The route they marked in that then today it is known as the path of the monks. If you have time and energy, we recommend you do this route that has a total duration of six hours and 15 minutes.

In addition, it has a slope of 1,000 meters throughout the route. During this tour you will also find the mountain of La Mola located in Terrassa, another point with a lot of public.

  • Mountain Turó de l’Home

It is one of the most famous mountains in Catalonia and is located at few kilometers from Barcelona. Its highest mountain reaches up to 1,800 meters so it can be visited by hikers of all the levels. Doing the walking tour consists of about seven kilometers and it lasts for approximately two and a half hours.

When you reach the top you will find a meteorological observatory abandoned and with stunning views of Barcelona. Undoubtedly, it is a tour to do with friends without experience and even to be encouraged to have a picnic on the mountain.

  • Mountain of the seven waterfalls of Campdevanol

Located in the town of Ripoll this mountain is around of the seven waterfalls of San Cristóbal de Campdevanol. It is one of the routes that have the most visits throughout the year, since here you can enjoy a day of hiking and nature near the lakes that form the impressive waterfalls.

Not surprisingly, this mountain is considered one of the great natural wonders of the region. The route is generally circular and travels a parallel path to the Torrent de l’Estiulà that consists of plus ten kilometers with seven natural pools.

Have you already got a lot of desire for the mountain? U.S. too! That’s why we hope that with this post you already have your list of mountains favorites with the best routes full of nature that you will enjoy during this summer.

And also remember that at The Lofttown we are waiting for you in our university residence for you to live a unique and unforgettable while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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Have a great summer!


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