The importance of good nutrition when you are a student

Everything you need to know about the importance of a healthy diet that helps you to be full concentration in your performance when you’re a student

To be a student requires have nice physical and mental health. Therefore, eat well becomes a great guarantee to always obtain a good academic performance. For that reason, today at The Lofttown we share a post dedicated exclusively to the importance of having a regular nutrition when you are a student.

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What is a good diet?

Remember the time you spend to attend classes, study, prepare for exams, meet with other colleagues, involves to lose energy during lunch time. In this sense, meals are also reduced, especially among young students who prioritize their social life to respect their schedules for a good nutrition.

In the other way, they prefer to eat anything without considering the place and what they are eating. For this reason, the ideal thing is that you take your time to eat with calm and always at your hours so that you never affect your body.


Tips for Eating Well

Our body is our temple. Therefore, keep in mind that your body is not a machine to just full it when you want and how you want. Therefore, if you want your body works well as your mind to be in full condition, it is important to take your nutrition seriously, as this way you ensure optimal academic performance. Next, we suggest you how to follow a healthy alimentation in your day by day:

Have breakfast like a king

You have to know the most important meal for a student is breakfast. That’s why is recommended to start the day with the best balanced and nutrient-rich diet will help you get full energy to face up you day.

Forget about the fast food

A healthy diet doesn’t connect with fast food or a sedentary life at the same time. In that sense, a healthy mind in a healthy body is only possible with a nice alimentation rich in fruits and vegetables, in addition to all the nutritional foods such as meats and fish. We know that when you are a student sometimes there is not much time to cook every day at home or at your student’s residence; however, we recommend you always try to eat well and if possible, in places where there is quality and healthy food. Remember fast food will only affect your health and performance.

How TO learn to cook

When you are young be creative is almost normal. And that’s why we recommend you also practice it also in the kitchen, as this way you can always eat as you like with own pace and taste. The essential thing is you get to know your body and your needs.

Cooking for yourself is always a good pleasure and much better if you do it sharing moments with your colleagues at the university or in residence. Therefore, could be nice for you learn some simple and healthy recipes so you can change your daily menu and not always have to eat outside your residence.

Respect your schedule


Just as with your academic schedules, you should also organize diary schedule for your meals. Ideally, never skip any meals time because at the end it can affect your academic performance, your concentration and generating more hunger and anxiety than you imagine. Our recommendation is you always prioritize your lunch hours over all things, and then can you have a better quality of your style life.

With this post today we hope you have learned more about the importance of good nutrition when you are a student. Remind that in our university residence we have an excellent restaurant service and we only offer you healthy and balanced meals to make more comfortable your stay in Barcelona and you only have to worry about studying and enjoying the city.

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