Our dream come true! We already have here The Lofttown university hall of residence!

After all these months of hard work every day to make one of our biggest dreams come true… The great moment has arrived! The day on which every effort is reflected. The day on which we see all doubts overcome, the headaches, the long nights working with hope to reach the end. The day on which our The Lofttown university hall of residence ceases to be a project and becomes a reality. Yes, this July 1 is THE DAY.

This Saturday we are opening the doors of our The Lofttown university hall of residence. Welcome students! You who have chosen our residence, Hello Barcelona!, we are proud to be an offer of accommodation for students in the city different from all others with our biosustainable philosophy; and, finally, thanks to all those who have participated in the construction and development of the residence. A toast to all! Because today we are celebrating.


The Lofttown university hall of residence

The Lofttowners! Don’t miss any corner of the residence. We have thought of everything so you can have the best place to study and live, the best environment to relax and enjoy with your new friends and a team dedicated to you who will assist you with everything you need. In addition, from The Lofttown we will suggest thousands of activities to make your stay in Barcelona a dream and make sure you have a great time. Remember that in The Lofttown you have fully equipped rooms, 1,200 m2 of common areas containing study rooms, group work rooms , terraces, fitness center, restaurant and cafeteria, parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles and electric parking, leisure and cinema rooms,… You won’t lack anything at all.

residencia universitaria The Lofttown


We are proud of this very exciting and necessary project for the city of Barcelona, where we are committed to the university community and which has had an excellent reception and response. Thank you.

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