All you need to know about the magical Fiestas de Gracia, the quarter most symbolic of Barcelona

The quarter of Gracia is known for its unmistakable bohemian atmosphere and for its particular street life during the months of the year.

If there is a month when this quarter raises its max of splendor is, exactly, during month of August, since the quarter celebration are celebrated, one of the most popular celebration in the Catalan capital.


For this reason, today at The Lofttown brings you an interesting post where we tell the magic of Fiestas Mayor de Gracia, so that you can experience in the first person all the fun, the hustle and bustle, rollicking and the effervescence that multiply during these days of August.

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Pasacalle of presentation

The Fiestas of Gracia begins first of all with the parade through the places where the celebration passes, end in the Vila de Gracia square. There are also the Giants and the Trabucaires of Gracia liven up all the visitors along the route.

Finally, the castellers of the quarter put the culmination of the parade building 2 pillars to present the official shirt of the 2021 party.


The moment of the proclamation

When August 14th arrives in the afternoon, the moment of the proclamation takes place on the balcony of the city Hall (Vila de Gracia square). Each year is elected a different town crier, usually a well-known person from the quarter.

This person stars in the act, who also has the presence of various authorities, being in charge of making a speech to open the festivities.


The famous Matinades

On the morning of August 15, a procession parades through the decorated streets announcing the beginning of the festivities with the traditional parade known as Matinades, all to the rhythm of drums.
During the same day, other entourages also parade with the representation of other entities, which enliven the day with dances and popular music.


 The magical streets adorned

Thanks is a neighborhood that is owed to its neighbors. For this reason, the project of ornamentation of its streets takes months of previous preparation, where all the neighbors of Gracia collaborate.
Strategically organized by streets, they decide the theme of the year around which the decoration of their spaces will revolve, to get to work weeks before and so have everything ready for August 15.
Usually, in ornamentation they use recycled materials to form high-level compositions, creating authentic works of art in the open air.

The taste of street food

Apart from the great gastronomic offer that the district of Gracia normally has, during the week of the Festival you will find street food where you can taste typical Catalan and international products. Also, there are always the terraces of the charming squares of the neighborhood, although during this week finding a place can be mission impossible!

Offering to Sant Roc

On August 16, the day of Sant Roc is celebrated with a parade that begins in the square of the Vila de Gracia and ends in the chapel of Sant Roc. Here stand the dance of the giants and the offering that makes the enxaneta of the castellers of Grace to the saint.

The impressive Castellers

The Castellers de la Vila de Gracia are one of the most famous in Barcelona. And they make multiple appearances during the festival building human towers that surprise visitors.
The most important day is in the castle diada, on Sunday. Here two other groups of guest castellers from all over Catalonia are invited to perform, and these huge castles are look from  thousands of spectators.


Concerts and night events

The festivities of Gracia are characterized by their jovial and bohemian atmosphere. Especially during the night is when the party continues with concerts of all kinds of styles and performances of different DJs, spread out in all the streets and squares of the neighborhood, especially in the popular Plaza del Sol.
Here you will find concerts for all tastes during the night.



Firewokrs is the ending of the festivities of Gracia. During the last night of the event, participate in this street game all who want enjoy to dodge devils, dragons and various creatures throwing fireworks, a unique experience you will remember forever. Of course, we recommend you to wear fireproof clothing and go well protected if you want to feel free for this amazing experience

Are you ready for Grace’s parties? We hope that this post has convinced you to enjoy this impressive popular event in one of the most beautiful and emblematic areas of Barcelona.

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