Tips for Erasmus students in Barcelona

All the tips you should know if you are an Erasmus student in Barcelona

Hello Erasmus friends in Barcelona. Are you new in town? Here is an interesting post with all the essential information you need to know so that you can enjoy your stay in the city to the fullest.

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Once you have already been accepted to a Catalan university and you have all the documentation, the great time has come for you to take the first step in your new adventure in Barcelona. We refer to your move to the Catalan capital and all the aspects that this have

Remember that here you will live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and you will find a great variety of cultures in one place. However, for your adaptation, it is important that you know some particular details of the city so that you are prepared for certain daily situations that we will explain below:


A new language

In Barcelona, ​​people speak all the languages ​​you can imagine, since it is a city where many nationalities from all continents converge. However, you should know that the official language here is Catalan, which coexists perfectly with Spanish, since they belong to the same linguistic family and, in general, local people are bilingual and will have no problem speaking to you in any of these two languages.

For Spanish-speaking students, especially those who come from Latin American countries, the switch to the Catalan language will not be very complicated, since there is a great resemblance to Spanish. But if you are from a country where Spanish is not the mother tongue, the situation changes significantly. Our recommendation is that you adapt as much as possible to the language so that you do not have coexistence problems. Remember also that universities often give free Catalan courses to their foreign students.

Catalan customs

Every city in the world has its own customs and Barcelona is no exception. Here, for example, shops close at noon, dinner is eaten very late at night and when you go to a restaurant tips are not mandatory. If you really want to adapt to the city, it is necessary that you also adapt to its customs, which are many. Our recommendation is that you become a circle of local friends so that you fully immerse yourself in authentic Barcelona life.

Get around town

Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe when we talk about connections and public transport. It does not matter in which part of the city you live because you will always find an easy way to get around, it can be by bus, metro, tram and also the bicing service, which has thousands of exclusive lanes for people who opt for a more sustainable mobility.


 Interesting neighborhoods to live

In Barcelona, you will find neighborhoods for all tastes. If what you are looking for is a bohemian life close to all the bars and restaurants in the city, the Gothic and the Born are your perfect option, since they are located in the heart of the city and have all the services you need to make your much more comfortable life. Of course, we remind you that here the noise and the passing of tourists will be your company every day.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a complete connection with the sea and the maritime spirit, Barceloneta is your neighborhood for excellence. In the heart of the city, this centenary neighborhood has all the magic of being located in a port, with very authentic shops, bars and restaurants where all cultures come together in perfect harmony. However, we remind you that here you will also live with tourism and the size of the flats are very small.

Finally, if what you are looking for is a bit of peace next to a more residential neighborhood, l’Eixample, Poble Nou and Sant Antoni will be your best option. Here the flats are much larger and are characterized by being less noisy compared to the more central neighborhoods. In addition, they are also very well-connected and have all the essential services for your comfort.

Where to eat in Barcelona

The Catalan capital is characterized by offering a wide variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets. In that sense, foreign students will be able to find all kinds of places with food from all over the world at a price that is quite affordable for their pockets.

The options go from traditional Catalan and Spanish food, Latin American and Asian restaurants, fast food, tapas, pizzerias and many more options. The secret is to explore the city to find that culinary corner that completely satisfies your palate without affecting your budget too much.

With today’s post we hope you have learned a little more about the secrets of the city of Barcelona. If you are already in the process of moving here, remember that you can always count on our university residence so that your stay in Barcelona becomes the best experience of your life.

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