Tips to make going back to college easier

All the tips that will make your return to the classroom not so hard and that will allow you to enjoy the academic routine


We know that it is sometimes difficult to return to the routine, especially after enjoying a well-deserved vacation, even in September. Now that the academic year is here and with it the early rises, traffic jams, rushing and everything that goes back to university have also returned, especially if you are new to Barcelona, ​​surely you already suffer from post-vacation syndrome and anxiety that you are still a rookie in the Catalan capital.

But do not worry, since we confirm that it is not serious, you simply lack a little energy and concentration that once you pick up the rhythm again, then you will be able to perform at your best again.

And who are the most affected? In general, this syndrome usually affects young people who enjoy a long period of vacation; those who do not like to study very much and those who go directly to their academic duties without having previously done an adaptation process to the big city.

As we have said before, overcoming it is easy, and for this, today we share five tips that will make your return to the academic routine much more bearable. Welcome once again to our blog with the best tips for university residents in Barcelona!


1. Enjoy a period of adaptation in Barcelona

Most important of all, don’t go back to your college routine the day after your vacation ends. For that reason, take about two days to resume your academic habits, as well as your schedule, your diet, your exercise routines, among others. In addition, it is essential that you sleep more hours, since after the holidays we must also recover and regulate the level of activity, from less to more and without abusing our body.

2. Forget about negative thinking

It is time you did not complain so much about the return to the routine, as this will only make everything worse. Remember that you are living in the best city in Spain and in one of the best in the world. So on vacation you were fine, but what about the rest of the year?

Good things also happen and you will do things that you will have just as much fun at. Even more so in Barcelona, ​​which is a city in which you can feel like on vacation throughout the year, because it has many activities and events that will make you feel 100% happy. So, do activities that keep your mind and body busy and do things that you enjoy while you study.

3. Meet new friends

Returning to the routine causes us to make hasty decisions. You will miss your friends, family, partners, pets, and your culture. Our advice is that you do not do anything that you may later regret and always be positive. So if you have to make a decision, wait to do so and meet new local friends or foreign students like you.

Give yourself a few days in the city and form your social circle that will be the best way to experience Barcelona to the fullest.


4. Make leisure plans

We already said that Barcelona is full of things to do. For example, going to the beach or the swimming pool, going to the mountains, going for a walk or a bike ride, meeting for dinner, going to the cinema, the theater or concerts.

Organizing plans with your new friends will improve your mood, while helping you return to the routine with more energy and predisposition.

5. Face the return with enthusiasm

Think how lucky you are to live in Barcelona. So, it is time for you to set yourself new challenges, both in your life and in college, but above all try to make them short-term, which will make you excited every day.

Put all your desire in this new course! Life is beautiful and Barcelona is a perfect place to live a unique experience.

Now that you know how to positively face the return to the academic routine. Remember that at The Lofttown we want to have you in our university residence so that you can live a unique and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona so that you become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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Have a nice return to the routine!



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