What is better for my son or daughter, a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat?

If the moment has arrived for your child to leave home to go to university (because it is far away from home), it is possible that you will have to make important decisions that are going to cause a few headaches.

Between everything that you will have to decide, one of the things that most worries you, without a doubt, is the choice of accommodation for your child during this time at university. Facing this universal dilemma, you will wonder which the best option is: a university hall of residence in Barcelona, a residential college or a shared flat. Making the wrong choice of accommodation could result in torture for both parents and children.

The comfort and features that a university hall of residence in Barcelona offers is one of the determining factors that makes the university hall of residence in Barcelona one of the most demanded options. What the residence offers is that your child, who has recently arrived in the city, won’t be alone. They will share the same experience together with other students, they will make new friends with those living in the same residence as well as in their leisure time, and what is more, they will always have the residence professionals at hand for all their needs. This option is like them living independently in their own flat but with all the comfort of living in a “hotel”, with the assurance of being in a secure place with the protection of people that are especially dedicated to them, and whose job consists of making life easy and comfortable for the students.


university hall of residence

We still have more to help you decide. From all of the university halls of residence, why The Lofttown?

  1. It is a new concept in university accommodation designed so that the students live happily and with maximum comfort, and so that the parents can have peace of mind regarding the security and services that we offer.
  2. Because it is newly-constructed, your child will use the facilities for the first time. Everything has been carefully designed and thought-out in order to be the best accommodation choice in terms of comfort.
  3. Because we offer a close and personal service, and because we will take care of them as if they were at home, just as you would.

Call us and we will explain all the details: 686932017. Welcome to The Lofttown!

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