Visit the most beautiful parks in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about which are the most beautiful parks in Barcelona and which are ideal for you to meet your friends after university

Barcelona is a great metropolis, but it also has many green areas that you cannot miss. So, if you like nature a lot and are always looking for a moment to disconnect, today at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, ​​we will tell you below which are the best parks in the city so that you can do it with total peace of mind and at your own pace.

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Ciutadella Park

We refer to the largest green area in all of Barcelona. One of the quintessential parks in Barcelona that has a long history to its credit and is perfect for youth gatherings.

Therefore, if you are looking to study casually and pleasantly with a touch of nature, come to the Ciutadella park, either with a blanket to find a good place on the grass or in the shade of a tree.

Then you just have to take out the books, your notes or your computer and enjoy the good atmosphere that is lived in this magical place. In addition, when you take a well-deserved break, you can also take a walk around the impressive water fountain or have a coffee admiring nature either alone or in the good company of your friends.

The Gardens of Laribal

If you are looking for a quieter version than the Parc de la Ciutadella, then we advise you to visit Els Jardins de Laribal in the heart of Montjuic. And is that in this area, being less crowded, is ideal for studying with a quiet atmosphere and without many tourists around.

In these gardens they are next to the Joan Miró Foundation, a museum that we also recommend you visit because it is a classic of Barcelona.

Here the gardens offer a lot of shade and wonderful fountains, which make it an ideal area to study or enjoy a good book.

La Tamarita Gardens

These gardens are located in the Sant Gervasi district and have vegetation and play areas that will make you forget even that you are in the city.

It is characterized by having two different areas, one perfect for walking and enjoying a beautiful garden and another area to sit and read in complete comfort.

An ideal Park for any time of the year thanks to its large shaded areas and the total tranquility it transmits to its visitors.

Sentmenat Gardens

They are without a doubt one of the most preferred gardens by Barcelonans. Eina Park becomes a very large park as well as clean at all times.

It is also perfect for cycling, lying on the grass, reading a good book or having a picnic with friends, as it also has a bar and terrace, perfect for a vermouth while you take a break from your studies.


Slide park on Diagonal Mar

This is one of the most original parks in the city thanks to its architectural design. Located next to the Diagonal Mar shopping center, here you will find a huge space perfect for cycling, walking or running by the lake.

And while you want to review your notes or meet with your friends for an outdoor job, then this park becomes the best space to work with nature.

Joan Miró Park

This park, also known as the zip lines, is a huge space in the middle of the city of Barcelona that borders a beautiful library designed in the shape of a boat. Here you have several very different areas depending on your needs, whether for leisure, pleasant meetings or to study and concentrate as you like.

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Enjoy the parks of Barcelona!





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