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All you need to know about the best January plans in Barcelona that you cannot miss to start the year well

2022 is already here and with it come also many incredible plans to enjoy Barcelona to the fullest, as always with the best tips we share on our blog for university residents.

For that reason, today at The Lofttown, your residence for university students in Barcelona, we want to tell you what are the best plans during the month of January in Barcelona that you cannot miss.

Welcome back to our blog with the best tips for university students in Barcelona!

View of the Màgia d’Orient Park

Only until January 5, adults and children can take a tour of the Magic Park of the East. A great idea that comes this year in the great installation in the Parc del Fòrum, here you will discover very closely all the details of the parade of Kings, which unfortunately this year will not be held because of the restrictions by the Covid-19. However, it is a magical opportunity not to lose the spirit of the Epiphany.


Discover the Port Olimpic Christmas

Once again the Olympic Port is filled with activities for all ages. Therefore, from 1 to 5 January in the space in the Moll de Mestral, activities related to the sea and the spirit of the city will be carried out. In this sense, this year’s proposals are based on concepts such as the environment, the sustainable economy and, above all, knowledge of the sea.

In this sense, there will be an exhibition of dynamic sculptures, where attendees will be able to walk among the marine fauna as never before, a scenery of giant puppets that includes a whale of 5 meters in length; and a unique sound show based on the story about the myths linked to navigation. For all this, the Olympic Port is a fantastic opportunity to spend a different and fun day. Don’t miss it!


Winter sales

We say goodbye to the Christmas holidays, it’s time to welcome the winter sales. Therefore, be careful because from January 7 to March 6 you can enjoy a wide variety of discounts in all the shops in Barcelona. So, take a stroll through your favorite stores, you will surely find irresistible bargains for your most cools outfits in college.

The year begins with the Filmstock de Catalunya

For film lovers, the filmstock starts 2022 with a very special film proposal. On its screens stand out: The unforgettable independence of John Cassavetes; the discovery of an essential author of Indian cinematography, Mani Kaul; the cycle ‘Short Days’, which highlights the works of young local Spanish filmmakers as they are; the recovery of Emma Cohen’s director’s works restored to 2Cr and the sweet bite of the silent film vampires, a real cinematic gem that you shouldn’t miss.

Not to mention the family programming and other important events, such as the visit of Jordi Casanovas taking advantage of the passage through the Catalan stages of ‘Jauría’, a work inspired in the case of La Manada. The author will talk about the parallels he found in ‘Marty’ (Delbert Mann, 1955).

The play “Gegant del pi”

If you like theatre then you should know that in Barcelona there are many options for you to enjoy it to the fullest. In this opportunity, we tell you the staging of local director Pau Vinyals, who premiered this text as a radio piece in the remote programming that organized the Teatre Lliure in the neighborhood of Gracia during the confinement of the spring of 2020.

Undoubtedly a play in which the dramatist actor talked about the meaning of having fascist ancestors in a contemporary world. A confession with which Vinyals questions his identity and shows us how these moral conflicts with others should be debated.

The comedy “The Great Comediant”

If you want to have a good laugh, then you should attend the show directed by Joel Joan, who has written, directed and starred in a play in which all his ghosts of the past, present and future appear. It should be noted that he is a very successful actor chop (Llorenç) who has a friend, Ernest (Xavi Mira), who decides to throw in the towel. A set of mirrors. Accompanied by Sandra Monclús, África Alonso and Eduard Muntada. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Catalan, because you can also enjoy the show in Spanish.

A classic like Hamlet

To speak of Hamlet is to speak of history and a classic that everyone should know. For this reason, more than a decade after making ‘Hamlet’ in the Biblioteca de Catalunya, theatre director Oriol Broggi, returns to the wonderful text of Shakespeare to break borders and offer it to us from a cinema through a staging that will mix theater and film. Of course, an exquisite blend that promises to become a great experience. Guillem Balart is Hamlet and Elena Tarrats, Ofelia. ¡ Do not miss it!

The feast of Tres Tombs in Barcelona

On the occasion of the feast of San Antoni Abad («San Antonio Abad»), on January 17 the feast of Tres Tombs in Barcelona will be celebrated. In this party you can enjoy a parade or horseback riding of beasts (Donkeys, donkeys and horses), main activity of the event, and spectacular carriages, who make a tour of the center of the city and with all the warmth of the neighborhood of Sant Antoni that has much to offer you.

Now that you know what the best January plans are for all of Barcelona, we remind you that at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we want to count on you to live a great and unforgettable experience, while you study in Barcelona to become one of our #TheLoftowners.

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Have a good year 2022!

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