Where to eat healthy in Barcelona this 2022

We tell you which are the healthiest places to eat in Barcelona that you cannot miss this 2022

They say we are what we eat. Then it’s time for you eat well in Barcelona with the best ideas we have for you today.

For that reason, at The Lofttown, your university residence in Barcelona, we share a complete list of the best healthy places in Barcelona to enjoy a 100% healthy meal and also at a good price that will awaken your appetite.

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The Healthiest Choice


Its name cannot be more appropriate. The Healthiest Choice is the healthiest choice in its translation. And of that we have no doubt, since this restaurant is a nice corner in Barceloneta away from tourists with a 100% homemade proposal.

In this restaurant processed and excess calorie products are completely prohibited. We recommend you try their smoothies and homemade bacon.

Wok and Bao


A more than good option that you will not regret choosing. Wok and Bao is referring to a unique texture, which is characterized by that juicy filling that melts slowly in your mouth, certainly a different concept of the baths in Barcelona. We advise you this place because it is a classic corner of street food, with many followers and fans.


Flax and Kale

It is not only a healthy place but also fancy. And here you will come for the decorations, the atmosphere of film and of course you will stay for the food that is fantastic. Therefore, Flax and Kale is considered one of the most innovative, special, bright and unique restaurants in Barcelona. It is characterized by sharing a concept that includes the whole world of brunches, lunches, breakfasts and dinners, in one place. Flax and Kale means eat better, be happy and live longer.

Restaurant Xavier Pellicer

If you like vegetables, this is the best restaurant in the world. And we don’t say it ourselves but also the world event We’re Smart Think Vegetables! Think Fruit, who gave this great distinction to Xavier Pellicer, cook of the place but also name of the restaurant.

Pellicer, by the way, is one of the most renowned chefs in Spain in the healthy world. Even if  it has not been open for a long time in Barcelona, it has already become an essential part of the city for vegetable fans.



If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant that does not look vegetarian this is your best option. This is assured by people  who have tried Aguaribay that offers its customers a variety of very original dishes, ranging from homemade croquettes, ravioli, pad thais, creams and much more.

Its concept as a restaurant is far from the most basic vegetarian preparations. In addition, they are characterized by making their own breads with organic flours. An entire delicacy that you cannot miss.


Do you like soup? Well this place is called Sopa and of course it is characterized by that among the first dishes always the protagonist is the soup. Sopa offers a menu that is totally macrobiotic, vegetarian and also partially vegan. However, the Soup is much more than that, because its product is always fresh and the own local shops, have the first quality material, and even a room where you can practice yoga if you want.




If you are vegetarian as if you are not, the Rasoterra is a restaurant with a very warm and close atmosphere and that follows the philosophy of slow food, which is the new culinary philosophy that combines both pleasure and knowledge. If you come to the Rasoterra you will not only eat well but also enjoy all the atmosphere that is lived here.

Teresa Carles

An emblematic restaurant for vegetarians in Barcelona. Although it is not very cheap than other options, it does offer you a big variety of complete menus. Of course, its menu is very original and varied and its dishes are top quality. Go with time because here there are always long waiting lists to eat.

Have we already awakened your appetite? Surely!

We hope that with this post today you will enjoy healthy food as the best in Barcelona and find your favorite healthy place in the city.

So, if you are already determined to move to Barcelona, remember that you can always count on our university residence to make your stay in the Catalan capital the best. Therefore, we guarantee that we will do everything possible to make your experience amazing

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