Where to go in Barcelona: 10 places you can’t miss

One more day we share with you the essentials you must do if you have any doubts about where to go in Barcelona. Barcelona is a big city, but it is the perfect size to visit, so from The Lofttown we’ll tell you what is on our list of unmissables; devour Barcelona!



  1. Gaudí and Modernism: If there is anything that characterizes the city it is modernism.
  2. A different concert: in the Gran Teatro del Liceu.
  3. Tapas and Vermouth: a very typical “combi” in Barcelona, which fills Las Ramblas for the hours before lunch, a very Catalan break.
  4. Excursion to Montjuïc: and views that leave you breathless. A visual and sensory spectacle steeped in history that you have to discover.
  5. Historic el Raval: get to know the history of Barcelona from the centre.
  6. A swim in the Mediterranean: 4 kilometres of beach to put your towel down and enjoy the sun and the seafront terraces.
  7. Train your palate: with Barcelona cuisine.
  8. The Sagrada Familia: which has become the symbol of the city, still not completed.
  9. The direction to America: Columbus shows it. And you can go up on foot to see a panoramic view of the spectacular city.
  10. Breathe underwater: in the Barcelona aquarium it is possible; that, and swimming among sharks and manta rays. Do you dare?


where to go in Barcelona

All this and more is what you can visit in Barcelona. As you can see, we have the good luck to be in the centre of Barcelona, where everything is happening, to offer you the fun time at hand that you want. Do you want to come and see us? We are here and hope you spend your best university years with us. Thanks once more for reading!

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