Where you can eat in Barcelona at student price

All the secrets you should know about the best places to eat in Barcelona when you are a student at a good price

Studying in Barcelona can become the best adventure of your life. However, we know that everything has a price and the Catalan capital is not exactly one of the cheapest cities in the world to live in, especially when you are a student. And one of those important aspects when you are  young student is the monthly budget, without a doubt, the money they spend to eat out in the restaurants of the city.

For that reason, today at TheLofttown we bring you an interesting guide with some of the bars and restaurants that offer a quality culinary at the best price. Are you hungry?  Welcome to a new chapter of our blog for students in Barcelona!


The Cova Fumada

This fantastic place situated in the heart of the Barceloneta district offers delicious seafood tapas, maybe the best in the whole city, as it has a traditional menu and is appetizing for any palate.

A small authentic corner of the city, which collect people from the neighborhood and also many foreign tourists, which makes it a place with a fantastic seafaring atmosphere that tastes like a port. We are sure you that when you try it once you will want to repeat many more times. However, we suggest you that if you want to eat without waiting long time, go earlier or you will have long lines form.

La Malandrina

We are sorry to say that it is a forbidden place for vegetarians, because if you are a meat lover, this little Argentine corner located in the heart of Barceloneta will  become one of your favorite places in the city.

And here you will find a great offer of grilled meats of all types and with the best side dishes at a very good price. Imagine that for only 15 € you can be more than satisfied always with a  good homemade wine, we are ready hungry!


Tuna and tomato pasta isn’t just for the student diet, and you know it. However, if you really like Italian food and pasta, you will enjoy it, because you have to go to Macchina, an Italian restaurant with the best homemade pasta and the best Italian sauces that will make you feel as if you were eating in the center of Rome with the Roman coliseum view. If you want to try authentic Italian food and at the best price this place is your perfect place.

Rosa del Raval

An authentic Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the city. This place has a delicious offer that all types of people can like it even if they are not lovers of Mexican food. And if that’s not enough, you can also find here one of the best micheladas and margaritas in the city at cheap price, which you can combine perfectly with some good nachos with guacamole. A fantastic option who want to feel like they are in Mexico.

Chen Ji

Barcelona has a large Chinese immigration for many years and for thid reason felt in the city.  Chen Ji is a real Chinese restaurant for those who want to eat well and big portions at economical price. This restaurant is the authentic Chinese of Barcelona where you will meet Chinese people want enjoy food from own original country.

We let you know that Chen Ji is not one of the most elegant places in the city, however it has a particular charm that will live a good atmosphere and nice food. Therefore, here for only 12 Euros we assure you that you can eat like a real king.


If you are very hungry and want to eat at very cheap  price, this place located in the heart of the Borne is ideal for you. And the quality of their food is excellent despite its price, especially if you like Asian food served in tapas a lot, so we guarantee that you will eat well.

La Dolça Herminia

For only 15 Euros here you can eat in luxury, enjoying a succulent menu that includes first main course, second course, dessert, drink and bread. It is incredible both the quality-price of this restaurant thanks to its typical dishes either of Catalan cuisine and other more international  varieties that will make you eat as at home.

Alsur Café

This place is perfect for brunch on a Sunday alone or accompanied. At midday you can find a menu for only 15 Euros that includes any dish from the menu, drink, dessert and coffee with an excellent quality. Do not miss the delicious eggs benedict and the delicious homemade desserts that will fall  you completely in love.

We hope that with this post today we have awakened your appetite and know better what are the best restaurants in Barcelona with a great culinary offer at a good price.

And remember that at The Lofttown we want your experience in Barcelona will be enjoy at the fullest way for the rest of your life and that’s why we want to make you the best student accommodation in Barcelona.

And we look forward to seeing you here to become a new #TheLoftowner!

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