Why You Should Live in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona is a dream for everyone, the capital of Catalonia is known for the huge number of foreign students it receives every year.

If you’ve made the decision to start a new life in Barcelona, or just want to spend some time studying away from home, this might interest you. In this article, we are going to show you 5 reasons why you should live in Barcelona, in our residence Xior Lofttown.

  • Perfect climate all year round

Generally, the weather might be an important factor when choosing where to live abroad. In Barcelona you will have warm weather all year round, with average annual temperatures of about 26 ºC, Barcelona offers the perfect atmosphere.

During summer, you can expect highs of 30°C. While it is true that during the summer months it’s quite hot, the climate in the city is very close to ideal. Winter lasts approximately 4 months and the temperature usually never drop below 8°C. And if you’re not a fan of the rain, great news, rain is not something you see every day. Best of all, the transition from season to season is so gradual that there’s plenty of time to acclimatize to new temperatures.

  • Delicious cuisine

If you looking for Barcelona’s typical food, we can guarantee, you be able to enjoy delicious and varied flavours dishes. In Barcelona the local food is so characteristic of the city abounds on every corner, so trying good tapas and paella will be the common thing to do. Every neighborhood in Barcelona has its own charm, and its own assortment of gems worth visiting.

The roots of this cuisine are largely from the Mediterranean, that’s why fish and seafood dishes are so popular in this city. Amongst them are the various rice dishes, the delicious suquet de peix (it’s like a fish and shellfish soup-stew) and the esqueixada de bacallà (shredded salt cod, tomato and onion salad).

But you can also find dishes based on the fruits of the earth, like escudella i carn d’olla (broth with pasta or rice and big meatballs). Add to that the botifarras amb mongetes (sausages with white beans), the coca pastries, the canelones and, of course, calçots (spring onions) and their delicious. However, being a multicultural city, you can also find plenty of international food places.

  • Surrounded by amazing places

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities on earth. With its world-famous Gaudi architecture, pretty parks and beaches, a buzzing nightlife scene, or a world-class art museums and galleries such as the Picasso, there’s no doubt that Barcelona is one of the most beautiful city in Europe to live in, no matter how long you stay.

This city has an energy that becomes infectious. It’s been the home of some of the best artists, architects and musicians in the world and as you can see, it’s full of their contributions. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here, amazing art, beautiful architecture or museums and you’ll even be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t speak English.

You will struggle to find a more spectacular coastal city in Europe or anywhere, there are some fairly inspiring suburbs, Barcelona also has many enchanting neighborhoods to choose from when it comes to choosing where to live.

  • A very complete public transport system

Transportation in Barcelona has grown in the last 20 years, especially the connection with the city’s two airports.

This city offers excellent routes to discover the city through cycling if you don’t feel like walking. In addition, there are buses, rental companies for motorbikes and cars, metro and trains, but you can reach most places by walking. Not to mention the very efficient public transport system takes discoverability to further heights. Even as a tourist, getting to the city from the airport is not a big problem.

The public transportation tickets are not that cheap (2,40€ for a one-way ticket and 11,35€ for a 10-way ticket), but the city is perfectly connected by its large number of lines, running with a high frequency that makes waiting times very low. This transport routes extends throughout the whole metropolitan area (reaching many cities and areas outside Barcelona).

Also, even if it is a big city, the car is not strictly necessary anywhere you go.

  • Work and job opportunities

In terms of job opportunities, Barcelona is a great city for new opportunities and career growth, especially because of the city’s location, trusted public transport, cheap set-up costs, and great talent. Due to the internationality of the city, there’re a large number of international companies in Barcelona, right now Barcelona is already one of the most important startups and entrepreneurship hubs in Europe.

Especially in the IT sector, digital marketing, product development, and growth, new job positions are constantly being created, bringing foreigners from all over the world. And it’s not just big companies but also new start-ups who’re attracted to what Barcelona offers. So, whether you want to start your own business or looking for a new job, we’ve good news for you. Barcelona has a lot more English-speaking job opportunities compared to other Spanish cities.

So, as you can see, Barcelona is a beautiful city that is full of art and culture, and if you stay with us at Xior Lofttown, we will help you discover this amazing city!

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